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    24h of Spa - 21/22.07.

    I'm really interested in doing this race, I don't have any GT3 yet so for me every car is fine.
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    24h of Spa - 21/22.07.

    Any new information about this?
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    PC PC GT3 Practice Race - Imola - 08-May-18 - (No Ferraris)

    Wow @ScottV now I understand why @Ironik got frustrated behind you at RBR, it's almost impossible to overtake you. I know you were not pushing but was really awesome battling with you just for a few laps, btw sorry for that last lap incident I should've let you pass I though I was more in front...
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    PC PC GT3 Practice Race - Imola - 08-May-18 - (No Ferraris)

    In Still need to decide what car I'm gonna use
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    AOR GT3 Season 9 - Feedback Thread

    - Mandatory pit stop would be great I think as it would help people with damage to the car and maybe different tire strategies, maybe not like f1 using both tire compound. It could have a possibility to change your position on track strategically like the joker in RX. - Points I agree to give...
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    AOR GT3 PC Pro Round 10: 富士- 02.05.18 @8PM

    I won't be able to race on Wednesday as I'm out of town
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    AOR Endurance Season 3 - Season Feedback

    Season length: I think 7/8 races is perfect, 5 is maybe too short and 10 too long Car Selection The combo GTE-LMP2 was pretty good, 3 classes wouldn't be so great because you end up racing only 2/3 guys at the end as many people just drop off the league Track Selection: Le mans and Daytona need...
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    TIER 2 - Round 2 re-run - Le-mans

    Yes nice race and very nice season overall. Pretty straight forward race, no battles just driving clean without mistakes for me, strange thing is that I was 2 sec off my pace in practice and in the last stint I was losing 5 tenth every straight and the car was really weird to drive I don't know...
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    PC GT3 PRO - Zolder - Track cutting

    I want to point out that in some of my cuts I lifted after or I lost time doing that, the other cuts I didn't realize that I was cutting/extending but that is no excuse and I will accept every penalty given to me for that. My cuts: 4:58 - I thought I lost time driving with 2 wheels on the...
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    PC GT3 Pro - Zolder - Incident report 2

    No, it's fine like this
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    PC GT3 Pro - Zolder - Incident report 2

    I understand you and I'm sorry to have it brought this up in the stewards panel, probably I should've spoken to you privately as at the end I didn't take damage or lost positions. I was a bit upset about the incident with Jaycool and watching the replay I saw this too and I decided to also post...
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    PC GT3 Pro - Zolder - Incident report 1

    I don't think I was aggressive, I was trying to stay clean and not loose too much time, I slightly touched Dakuza (I'm sorry about that) under braking because he slowed down more than I expected so I kept the pressure on the brakes and I looked up a bit. I touched you Jaycool because I didn't...
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    Investigations on LiveTrack sync

    @Ironik check out the screenshots I posted here: We changed the weather for the last race due to this