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    PS4 AOR GT3 S16 - PS4 Tier 1 - Car and Team Registration

    Wanna practice the car for McLaren event since I managed to qualify
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    PS4 AOR GT3 S16 - PS4 Sign-Up Thread

    Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? YES Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? YES Gamertag: Archil_16 Nationality: Georgian Speedtest Result:
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    ACC PS4

    I have bought the game today and been playing around with it for several hours now and my god.... the frame rate is so bad, I feel like it is running below 30 all the time. Does anybody have similar experience? Also the force feedback is weird, car feels like it is on ice all the time. What a...
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    AOR GT3 S15 - Feedback Thread

    The weather man, what the hell EDIT: Guys, I have done so many races online and I can confirm 100% that default lobbies are always more attractive for people. This leads me to believe, that people don't like setups or making them. When you make such terrible conditions for car and on top of...
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    PS4 AOR GT3 S15- PS4 Tier 1: Round 7 - Azure Cricuit: 6/05/2020 @8PM UK Time

    @Jarryd Vermeulen Sadly I can't make it tonight. I can't make in home in time and there are some strict quarantine rules. Wish everyone a good race!
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    PS4 AOR GT3 S15 - PS4 Tier 1 - Car and Team Registration

    I will go back to Lamborghini. The black one @Jarryd Vermeulen
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    PS4 AOR GT3 S15 - PS4 Time Trial Thread

    Brands: 1:22:319 Barcelona: 1:43:040
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    PS4 PS4 AOR PS4 GT3 S15 - Practice/Evaluation race - Hockenheim GP - Tuesday 14 April 2020

    That would be one hell of an evaluation race if I were new :D
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    PS4 AOR GT3 S15 - PS4 Tier 1 - Main thread

    Afternoon fellas, Would it be possible for me to join as a reserve driver from this point onward? I found some spare time during this virus situation. @Jarryd Vermeulen
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    PS4 AOR Cilo Cup - PS4 Tier 1 - Round 1: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya National - 05.02.20 @8PM UK Time

    Guys I think I was involved in several accidents, if any of them was caused by my I apologize. Seem like racing incidents, common with these cars. But can never say for sure, I could only see my POV