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  1. bananajosh1

    PS4 AOR PS4 Oceania F1 League Season 5 - Main Thread

    @iContrast is there any spot for me to commentate
  2. bananajosh1

    I’m taking a break in AOR

    I know I want to race AOR Oceania Season 5 but I will missed some of the races but once I’m finished taking a break I’m coming back to race in the AOR Oceania Season 5
  3. bananajosh1

    PS4 Oceania PS4 - Terrible Driving Standards, Multiple Incidents By Same 2 Drivers

    1st incident I got hit by SirLJB on the formation lap 2nd incident I was slow down but it didn’t slow down enough 4th incident you did pass me but I just want to pass you back but I’m in a dangerous position I had to back off and cut the corner so we don’t have a big incident 5th and final...
  4. bananajosh1

    PS4 Oceania Penalty removal

    Platform + League: Oceania F1 League Coordinator: @iContrast Date: 2/6/19 Members Involved: me Description: I was trying to overtake dynamite but he nudge me closer to the grass but I had to cut the corner so we don’t have to crash at T1 which is sounfair that the game gave me a penalty but I...
  5. bananajosh1

    PS4 Kobi’s Lagging Experience

    Platform + League: Oceania F1 League Coordinator: @iContrast Date: 12/5/19 Members Involved: Kobi Description: 1: On lap 2 I was behind hairytomato but also ahead of Kobi by t3 I gave him the space and then he teleporting right in front of me and more so he is lagging. 2: SirLJB was behind me...
  6. bananajosh1

    PS4 Oceania F1 incident

    Platform + League: PS4 Oceania F1 League Coordinator: @iContrast Date: 15/04/2019 Members Involved: @bananajosh1 & @Sirhc97 Description: He was behind me and try to overtake me in the fast chicane but you can overtake someone if your car is ahead of a driver but i was in front braking and...
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    PS4 AOR S17 PS4 Oceania F1 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    McLaren Renault Ferrari Mercedes Williams 69 99 18 25 95 Team Mate: PuREiCoNTRaST
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    AOR Oceania F1 2018 Leagues - Sign Up Thread - Season 4

    ● Gamertag: bananajosh1 ● Platform: PS4 ● Nationality: Australia ● Assists used: RL (Corners only) ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active member of the league? Yes ● Did you race last season? Yes Oceania F2 5th in...
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    DiRT Rally 2.0 interest thread

    AOR Username: bananajosh1 Interested leagues (Rally league, RX league or both): both Platform (only for RX league): PS4
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    Official iGP Manager League - Announcement

    I won the world champion in AOR iGP Manager Qualifying Pro Season 2 does it mean I gonna be in the broadcast?
  11. bananajosh1

    Team Forming Thread

    LE_bananajosh PS4 I race in AOR F1 2 years ago (Rookie League) but i got from bad to worst in season 12 but 1 podium in Monza was good for me. At the end of the season I got no seat for season 13 and 14 but Oceania League was the 1. Racing against Oceanian drivers in 10 rounds and I got another...
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    PS4 Oceania F2 Start

    OK on my pov at the exit of t1 i did not touch you your completely fine
  13. bananajosh1

    PS4 Oceania F2 Start

    Platform + League: PS4 Oceania F2 League Coordinator: @dazaek Date: 27/1/2019 Members Involved: @bananajosh1 @dazaek @Wild759car @strange2330 Description: At the start we all got ok start except for infinitemarch, dazaek brakes late hit me and went into wild and rim Evidence: