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    AOR iRacing GTE/GT4 Sebring - Social Race - 09/03

    Can I show up in the F3? I might get a podium then too :) although if you don't like fun, I might show up in GT4
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    PC Clearification on "weaving"

    For me, it ultimately comes down to whether he was blocking you or not. If he does this in the braking zone, that would be illegal due to making more than 1 defensive maneuver under brakes. Equally if you are travelling faster and he moves over to prevent an overtake causing you to have to take...
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    FR 3.5 Season 3 - Potential start-time change

    Sadly FR35 is a bit dead on the official races, which is a shame really. I'd say F3 now is still a little bit more slidey than it was on v6, but its a world away from when it was first put on v7. All the issues people had with it on release are as good as gone now.
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    FR 3.5 Season 3 - Potential start-time change

    Is there any chance of getting F3 back now it no longer behaves like a shopping trolley? :P to be honest if it does get moved earlier there's a chance I might commentate it to fill in if needed, or whatever.
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    PC AM tier R4 brands hatch racing incident

    Moved to stewards.
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    PC Lap 1 Incident, Tier 1 Nurburgring

    Incident has been moved to the stewards. If anybody would like to add any further evidence or opinions, please do so and I will move that too as soon as I see it.
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    PC Lap 1 Incident, Tier 1 Nurburgring

    Platform + League: ACC Tier 1 League Coordinator: @Chloé Date: 25/10/2019 Members Involved: @Jardier @Black_Gold_Saw @Isaias Varela @D. Goelz @Samuel Ratz @Lusti @KrypticTMG @Kapo @Gianfrest/ @Ulti @Beau @One_Ko @Oblit0r @Carlw1986 @Jarkko Torvinen Description: With the new season, the...
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    PC Pit Window Rule Breach

    Platform + League: ACC Tier 1 PC League Coordinator: @Chloé Date: 22/10/19 Members Involved: @amir_hosseini Description: Amir failed to pit inside the mandatory pit window. See official stream below. Timestamp in URL.
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    ACC GT3 Season 2 - Elite - Main Thread

    Super Important Announcement™ time!! I don't know how many of you are aware, especially since some of you are new here and I haven't really said anything about it until now. But if any of you would like to talk about anything after the race, there will always be a post race interview section of...
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    AOR Touring Car Championship Season 1 - Sign Up & Info (cancelled)

    I'm going to have to withdraw from this league aswell sadly. My schedule has been a lot more volatile than I first thought, so I can't commit to the races anymore like I thought I could. If its possible to be moved to a reserve slot I will still make the races that I'm able to, but if not I...
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    AOR Touring Car Championship Season 1 - Round 2: Oulton Park

    You have failed to account for dog in your "safe driving" dream.
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    TCR Round 2 - Jesper

    Nothing would have happened if you didn't suddenly appear from miles away, but hey. Lets let the stewards deal with it, we're just going to keep going round in circles.
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    TCR Round 2 - Jesper

    These cars never quite stay in a fully straight line under heavy braking, we should all know this by now. Also if you watch the replay you'll see the track goes right there too. I'm going to have to turn right at some point, and I have no way to know you're suddenly going to appear there out of...