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    PC [03/05 20:00UK] Austria 50% #FSC

    ferrari in dobby's lobby please, or any other car in that lobby
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    PC [26/04 20:00UK] China 50% #FSC

    i'm not able to do the race tomorrow. so please let my slot free for someone
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    PC [26/04 20:00UK] China 50% #FSC

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    PC [12/04 20:00UK] Australia 50% #FSC

    toro rosso will be perfect lobby 2 please Dians on steam
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    50% race CANADA PC

    Hi everyone, I would like to have some online races with someone who not crush into eachother at first corner and have some fun. So i propose you to make a race in CANADA, 50% distance and short quali. No aids restrictions, SC yes, equal car perfomance, RESTRICETD TRACK LIMITS and OFFICIAL...
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    Hello everyone

    Hi guys, hope to be able to join sone online races or championships. I play on pc @Dians at f1 2018, project cars 2, Assetto corsa. Thanks and may the force been with you