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  • Hi Don Silva, I heard your are the main man of this community. I would like to join one of the tiers of the F1 competitions. I don't know what the requirements are to join one of your competitions, so I will appreciate it if you will help me:) I would be very happy to race in this community and I think I am a real contender.
    Hello. I was kicked out of F1 2017 F8 League PS4 because i have skipped 3 races without inform the adminstrator.
    The Reason is a Tv show who starts the same time as the races. I forgot to inform him about it.

    I was wondered what shoud i do now? I am on a blacklist. Does that mean i will not be joining F1 2017 leagues in the future?
    I've already commented in the thread you started in the general chat forum
    Hi Don, I wanna join your F1 2017 PS4 league. Are there free space in the tiers? I will apply for the league, if it is still possible to join the league.
    Oner Schumacher
    Hi Don, I have shared my TT and Speedtest results on my original(first) post. Can you check it please? And if possible can you inform me about the procedure and time schedule of being accepted as permanent driver?
    Thanks a lot...
    Hi m8 I am nt pissed about the crash but he's extendingredients of the track in s3 and the rules states two wheels habe to be on track and u can clearly see he dnt have two wheels on track if I done that I cud of been a sec and a half faster every lap
    Don, before you take away Nicks penalty, check the rules with the bosses. He might need video evidence? But unfair on me as well 'cause once my pitcrew told me he had a penalty, I backed off and didn't press overtaking him. Also the penalty may of been for cutting corners (hence video evidence). Plus we need the points! lol
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