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    Project Cars Official Partnership

    Not even a project cars player, but this is fantastic!
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    PS3 TIER 1 (F2) - PS3 F1 2013 50% Social Season 11 - Suzuka- (08/04/2016 10.15 PM UK)

    PSN: fergalw98 assists: autogears and lines input: pad car: Ferrari or Lotus
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    Assessing Stoffel Vandoorne

    With the somewhat surprising announcement that GP2 champion and McLaren reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne will replace Fernando Alonso for the Bahrain Grand Prix, people have voiced their hype over the highly rated Belgian. I don't want to seem like a party pooper, as i also rate Vandoorne very...
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, my name is Fergal and I'm an alcoholic. xD Nah, I'm 17, from Ireland and love F1, I hope to become a F1 journalist when I graduate from college. I love F1 and open wheel simulator games. Drop me a chat at anytime to chat about anything racing related!
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    PS3 PS3 F1 2013 Season 11 Sign-up Thread

    PSN: fergalw98 Country: Ireland Car: No Preference, any would do! Assits: Lines and auto gearbox Input: Pad