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    PC Round 3 - San Marino Grand Prix [10/09/2019 - 08:00PM UK]

    Sadly won't be able to take part due to a work-related trip, was really looking forward to my first race
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    PC Assetto Corsa Formula 2000 Sign Up (OPEN until Grid is Full)

    ● Gamertag: Fluttering ● Steam ID: 76561198080906595 ● Nationality: Portuguese ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active member of the league? I'd like to sign up as a reserve driver and would like to join the league in...
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    F1 2019 - Pricewatch

    Fancy that!
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    F1 2019 - Pricewatch

    PSA: If you have a slow hard drive (5400rpm) and a fast connection (100Mbps+), it will take longer to decrypt the preload files than it would to just download the game when it comes out. Even if you're on a 7200rpm drive the difference will be negligible.
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    AORHYPE F1 Leagues - Season 16 Announcement & Interest Thread

    Which platform do you race on? PC Which region are you based in? Europe Would you sign up to league racing on F1 2018 based on what you've seen of the game so far? Yes Which assist settings are you aiming to use for F1 2018? Maybe ABS, we'll see. What is the earliest & latest Sunday start time...
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    PC [08/06 20:00 UK] Monaco 50% ALL LOBBIES

    Turns out I won't be able to take part in the race, so the Sauber is all yours, @Dobby
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    PC [08/06 20:00 UK] Monaco 50% ALL LOBBIES

    I'd like to take the remaining Sauber please
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    Baku Castle Situation

    That's a fair point, I would have been severe to prevent Schumacher Monaco 2006 Quali-type situations, but you're probably right @Snook
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    Baku Castle Situation

    I obviously don't make the decision, but I feel like you'd have to award penalty points. It's not that hard of a corner to navigate, and there can pretty much only be 1 car around there, so there's little chance someone crashes because they're defending. I'm all for dismissing mistakes and...
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    PS4 F1 incident with CianG-4

    I honestly don't think he did anything wrong. If anything, you cut a corner and ran into him just because he didn't get out of the way.
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    Can I join any league now?

    Sign-ups for PC are closed right now though, aren't they? Is there a queue for people who post while sign-ups are closed?
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    Hey fellas

    Hey everyone, excited to finally join a racing community, looking to do some proper league racing. I'll be all over F1 2017 and Assetto Corsa social races on PC until F1 season 16 comes around. So if you host a race, feel free to tag me!
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    When will season 16 begin?

    Should be early September, sadly