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    18/5/2019 TCC Round 5 Race 1 B-lobby

    Steward Decision: 1.7) Offence: Causing Contact 1.7.1) Causing contact with a competitor in front, either by missing braking point, or failing to react in time to car in front, which results in contact. 1.7.4) Creating contact which results in opponent losing position and/or track time...
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    12/5/2019 TCC Round 4 Race 3 C Lobby

    Steward Decision: 20 second penalty applied to @GRT MB AMG for causing an avoidable collision. Code Of Conduct 1.7) Offence: Causing Contact 1.7.2) On track action that initiates contact which may result in damage 1.7.3) Moving over from the outside to inside (or vice versa) which initiates...
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    AOR TCC Round 1 - Incorrect Number boards

    I believe only the numbers can be changed colour mate
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    27/4/2019 Round 2 Le Mans Bugatti - Sign In

    Please register for this series:
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    Apply For A Race Number Here

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    Change Of Gamer tag