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    PS4 AOR S17 F6 - Round 2 - Bahrain GP - 21/4/19 - 8PM UK

    Sorry i cant race this too.
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    PS4 AOR S17 F6 - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1 Mercedes 2 red bull 3 Toro Rosso 4 McLaren 5 Force India No 98
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F1 2018 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 17

    ● Gamertag: humbostone British ● Assists used: RL ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? [Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in one of the top leagues you will have to race with no assists? [Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as an active...
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F7 League - Main Thread

    Ah right, yeah i think i would be the same. I struggle with the RL off, like you said its very time consuming.
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    PS4 AOR PS4 F7 League - Main Thread

    I thought it was only top 3 league's you have to turn RL off?
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    PS4 Round 10 - British Grand Prix - Sunday 16th December 2018 @8:00PM (UK Time)

    Q. What has been you favourite Race So far this season? Probably France, only because i won this. I was enjoying Spain to as i had good pace before i got taken out. Q. Have you been supported/supporting your team mate (Online Chat, Sharing Setups, Strategies)? Yeah i have a chin wag with...
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    PS4 Round 8 - French Grand Prix - Sunday 2nd November 2018 - 8:00PM (UK Time)

    I am not available for the next race Sunday 9th December!
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    PS4 Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix - Sunday 14th October 2018 - 8:00pm (UK time)

    Unfortunately i am unable to attend as i am away this weekend.
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    PS4 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix (30/09/18 8pm UK)

    Hi, i am going to miss the 1st race also. Best of luck to the rest of you.
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    PS4 AOR S16 PS4 F7 League - Driver Introduction Thread

    I normally miss 1 in 5 weeks but just depends how the race dates fall. Your right. It sucks!!