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    PC Round 18 - United States Grand Prix [03/03/2019 08:00PM]

    I won t be available again. Sorry guys. :(
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    PC Round 17 - Japanese Grand Prix [24/02/2019 08:00 PM]

    I won t race today. Meeting with friends. Good luck to everyone, have a good race
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    PC Round 16 - Russian Grand Prix [10/02/2019 08:00 PM]

    interesting race for me. @FlexesMarci you are the dirtiest driver I race on AOR.
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    Overtake of the Week [Russian Grand Prix]

    Perfect start and 3 overtakes. 4th to 1st place :D
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    PC F6 PC Deliberately crashing

    Platform + League: PC F6 League Coordinator: @Snook Date: 13.01.2019 Members Involved: @JrHonour @R4NCE Description: He deliberately hit me and he said he won't attend the races again. I think this have to be official and he shouldn't race again for this season. Evidence:
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    PC Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix [13/01/2019 08:00PM]

    just check the video and think what you did again... 04:05 shame...
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    PC PC F6 Austria last lap incident

    Platform + League: PC f6 League Coordinator: @Snook Date: 09.12.2018 Members Involved: @FlexesMarci @JrHonour Description: Last lap last corners, I understand why he was so eager to overtake me but I think it was unacceptable. Evidence shows everything. Evidence:
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    PC PC F6 hit and run

    Platform + League: PC f6 League Coordinator: @Snook Date: 09.12.2018 Members Involved: @csonor @JrHonour Description: He locked up tyres and hit me. Evidence:
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    PC PC F6 Round 7 - Collision on corner 5 (Terminal damage)

    I entered that corner from inside and i knew that his nose was near my back left tyre. i did not step on the gas and tried to the turn the corner right but first lap cold tyres and In my opinion he had to back off just a little to avoid the contact as i did at 1:38 but he didn't. Steward can...
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    PC Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix [11/11/2018 08:00PM]

    Another exciting race for me :) I got the best finish position with my race pace. I think if I started with S tyres I would be p5 again :P @fxruppert I hit you from behind again after Baku. I think you usually brake early :D
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    Official iGP Manager League - Interest Thread

    Are you interested in participating in the official iGP Manager League? [Yes] Are you able to attend Tuesdays 8PM (UK Time)? [Yes] If you are not, would you be able to attend on Thursdays 8PM (UK Time) [Yes] Would you prefer the races to be 25% or 50% distance? [50%] Do you have any ideas or...
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    PC Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [14/10/2018 08:00PM]

    I don't know if I can make it tonight :( trigger rumble is not working after steam update :D @Snook
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    PC Round 2 - Bahrain Grand Prix [07/10/2018 08:00PM]

    I saw that people who drove 22 laps on mediums and I said "Let's try 23 laps, why not" I think rear left was %75 when it exploded. I calculated that I could finish at %84 or smt but yeah it was risky,.. it was a good race for me, lets say experimental :D it was the first time I exploded a...
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    PC Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [30/09/2018 08:00PM]

    Q: P13 it was a very slow one for me. I could do a better lap then this, maybe p8 but naah I hit the wall in my final attemp :) well, at least I thought that I have fresh tyres... R: P2 Perfect race from my side. The race had everything except rain. Safety car, overtakes in the pitstops...
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    PC Divebombed twice

    T1: I didn't want to go on grass and I tried to stay on the track. It is a little contact that can happen in T1. You also hit snook from behind. T6: I tried my chance on T6. I was obviously inside of your car. We both have videos :) lets steward decide. First min of the video. I am sorry that...