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    AOR iRacing GTE League Season 10 - Announcement

    A great shame Nic, you have been such a hard worker behind the scenes of the iRacing leagues, and a great addition to the commentary team. Whilst I am also leaving the iRacing side (not AOR as a whole as I aim to return to the F1 side), you will be dearly missed in these parts
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    PC AOR iRacing GTE League Season 10 - Round 7: Sonoma

    Hello all I am very sad to announce that this will be my last GTE season. I have held off this decision for as long as I could as this has been my favorite league for a long time, but sadly family demands and time constraints means that I will not be available to do the GTE league loving...
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    AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 4 - General Discussion

    Hello folks. I am sad to announce that I will no longer be able to commentate on the F3 league, with immediate effect. This is mainly down to family reasons, I had hoped to see the season out but that is no longer possible. Thank you all for your support, and I wish you all well for the...
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    PC Single Car Thursday - Audi A1 Quattro @ Dubai Autodrome GP Thursday 07/05-2020 7:30 PM UK Time

    I can't do Thursdays anymore TPW, may as well remove me from the list
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    AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 4 - Round 4 - Imola

    I will be back in the saddle tonight. Really looking forward to it :)
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    AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 4 - General Discussion

    Thank you Nic. Those that follow me on Twitter know this, but for those that dont, my step mother passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning, so I am stopping commentating for a short while until I get my head straight again. Thank you for your understanding
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    PC Wacky Races 19/03 (CANCELLED)

    I am not available on Thursdays for another 5ish weeks now, but Fear not, there will be another session. I just dont know when
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    PC Wacky Races 19/03 (CANCELLED)

    Sorry folks, going to have to cancel this event as I have something going on that night that I wasn;t aware of prior to making the thread.
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    PC Wacky Races 19/03 (CANCELLED)

    @TicklishPicklewickle Would you work your spam magic again please
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    PC Wacky Races 19/03 (CANCELLED)

    Hello all Its time to have some fun I think. Event Information: ● Date: Thursday 19th March 2020 ● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time) ● Event format: 5 Laps or 10 minutes, depending on the track, no qualifying Server information: Server Name: AOR Wacky Races Password: Will be announced on discord...
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    PC PC GT3 - Indianapolis Road - Social race - Wednesday 4 March @20:00 UK time

    If you crash out of this event, you are welcome to join my Wacky Races event
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    PC Wacky Races 04/03

    A reminder to everyone wishing to join that this is tonight.
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    PC Wacky Races 04/03

    Like I said, I have no problem at all if anyone wants to switch to the GT3 test race
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    PC Wacky Races 04/03

    I appreciate the effort you have put in to apologise for the clash @TicklishPicklewickle . I fully understand the need to run your event, and I see no reason that both events cant run simultaneously. Yes there will be some drivers that would want to participate in both events, but I'm sure I'll...