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    PC any rookie want to join my project cars 2 league

    I would be interested. What system? Time of day? Which day? Thanks for organizing
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    What Forza 7 league would you enjoy?

    I'd love to be in a multiclass league or simply an MX5 spec league
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    Rookie League Interest

    The Rookie series doesn't necessarily need to be a feeder for future series for all participants though. Some people may want to use the settings that the future series use if they plan on moving up to harder leagues, but I think leaving the choice for things like view and assists up to the...
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    XB1 Rookie season test - 08.10.2017 - Brands Hatch

    Count me in. Sounds fun and I don't believe I have much going on this weekend
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    The wait for PCars 2 is over! Project cars 2 for sale on PC through Green Man Gaming. I've bought a bunch of other games through this distributor. They're usually the same price as steam, being that they are steam keys, but certain games sometimes go on sale even if not...
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    Rookie League Interest

    It's a bit late to start a social event this weekend, and I have some housework I have to get done, but if anyone on Xbox 1 would like to join up for an impromptu race or two, test, whatever, I will be on at some point, I just don't know when. I will be on for a lot of the weekend between...
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    PC PC Specs - Help!

    If you want to build a PC it is a lot of fun. Check PCPartpicker for a PC build for whatever your budget is. It's a forum setup like this, but all about building PC's. There's a tab called Create a Part List for me in forums, and people post there asking for members to build them a PC in a...
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    Rookie League Interest

    Maybe can do some Ginetta G40 Junior, then formula rookie every other week for single class racing. That would give us newbies exposure to both open and closed-wheel racing. Then for multi-class races we could do something like GT5 with GT3 or something. As far as assists go, I agree with...
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    The wait for PCars 2 is over!

    Anyone else having an issue of all volume but menu volume going quiet? Had it happen once last night in a practice session. Ended it and came back from the main menu to try the qualifying and then it was fine after that
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    Rookie League Interest

    I'm interested. And second Stephan's Option #4, that would be great every week lol. Option #1: Ginetta G40 Junior or GT5 Option #2: GT3 or GT4 Option #3: LMP3 Option #4: LMP1 or LMP2 Option #5 Run them all at once! :) - Platform: XBOX One - Which day?: I currently participate in no other...
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    The wait for PCars 2 is over!

    Hmmm, are you downshifting any while braking as well? I've noticed that when I downshift too quickly it makes the back end come out. Might be wheel hop like they talk about in NASCAR all the time, where the back wheels want to slow down faster than the front wheels are braking and it creates a...
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    Project Cars 2 Interest Thread - Leagues and Events you want to see?

    I like all this, especially the MC idea. That would be awesome!
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    The wait for PCars 2 is over!

    To those talking about braking earlier in the thread, I've noticed that even if you have ABS selected, in the tuning menus you will see that there is still only 75% ABS activated. If you adjust this number to 100 you will have very little wheel noise and lockups under breaking. Also moving...
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    Project Cars 2 Interest Thread - Leagues and Events you want to see?

    Def, yes feel free to start an interest thread and we can go from there. Maybe with sorting out the AM and PRO divisions, we can have some qualifier races to determine average finishing position, cut the field in half, those are your two divisions, then during race weekends whoever finishes in...
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    Forza 7 NASCAR League Interest Thread

    I'm interested. Might miss a race or two due to hockey, but I've done a previous league of this and should make most