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    PC AOR GT3 S13 - PC Tier 3 - Round 4: Le Mans 24H - 26.06.19 @8PM UK Time

    Might not make tomorrow either guy's need to work late. I'll update early afternoon tomorrow and let ye know as soon as i do.
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    PC AOR GT3 S13 - PC Tier 3 - Car and Team Registration

    Name: nobby101 Car: Mercedes AMG Livery: Vensollic Motorsport #190
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    PC AOR GT3 S13 - PC EVALUATION RACE 1 29.05.2019

    Good race had a good battle with Sudami, big apologies to texasgal i picked a silly place to let u pass. I don't think you'll be seeing me again anyway with your pace. Best of luck for future races everyone.
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    PC [CLOSED]AOR GT3 S13 - PC Time Trial Thread - goto S14 thread

    Gamertag/ID: Willin MeGee Lap Time Brands Hatch (+Photo): 1:26.715 Lap Time Catalyuna (+Photo): 1:46.759
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    PC [CLOSED]AOR GT3 S13 - PC Sign-Up Thread - goto S14 thread

    Can you race regularly on Wednesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Gamertag Willin MeGee Nationality: Irish Speedtest Result:
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    PC PC Tier 5 Round 9 - Sugo GP - 15.08.18 @8pm UK time

    That was a tough race visibility was bad when close behind, sorry Gwegwyn for the coming together on last corner didn't realise you were on the outside hope you had no damage. Had to change pit strategy didn't change tyres but struggled,happy with tenth in the end.
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    AOR GT3 S10 - PC Tier 5 - Round 7 - Catalyuna GP - 1.08.18 @8pm UK time

    @GIXXERosg hi mate i think you might have forgotten me in the lineup for the next race so will i just start in first??
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    PC AOR GT3 S10 - PC Tier 5 - Round 2 - Ruapuna Park GP - 27.06.18 @8pm UK time

    Hi I am a reserve driver that raced at Sonoma, will I be able to race tonight?
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    PC AOR GT3 S10 - PC Tier 5 - Car and Team Registration

    Car registration Name: nobby101 Car: Porsche 911 GT3R Livery: Calvert Dynamics # 77