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    PC Round 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix [13/01/2019 8PM UK]

    Last exam tomorrow, gonna do some revisions, so I'm out of this one. Sorry for the late notice
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    PC Round 11 - German Grand Prix [06/01/2019 8PM UK]

    I can't race today, I need to study as I have an important exam on Tuesday
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    PC Round 10 - British Grand Prix [16/12/2018 8PM UK]

    Won't be racing today, as I only arrive home by 10 today
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    PC AOR PC F5 League - Main Thread

    @FKGaming97 @Mulchian thanks bois !
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    PC Round 6 - Monaco Grand Prix [18/11/2018 8PM UK]

    Stil have no wheel , so cant race
  6. Rick Vige

    PC Round 4 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [04/11/2018 8PM UK]

    Cant race for a while probs, wheel broke today mid practice , might get a replacement in december but i fear its the end now
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    PC Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [14/10/2018 8PM UK]

    It's dying every 30 min, I won't race sry
  8. Rick Vige

    PC Round 3 - Chinese Grand Prix [14/10/2018 8PM UK]

    Well i will race but i dont know if i will be able to do all the race. Hurricane was here and power went off last night , and just came back. Hopefully it doesnt go out again
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    PC Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix [30/09/2018 8PM UK]

    Pretty good first race, got a podium from p13, even tho it was pretty lucky That some people crashed out. Really need to work on my pit entry's in qualy, cause crashing is not fun.
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    PC AOR PC F5 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    Mercedes Ferrari Red bull McLaren Sauber I'd like number 32 but it doesn't make much difference if it's another
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    PC AOR PC F1 2018 Leagues - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 16

    ● Race Director Images: ● Race Report: Qualifying Position: 1.26.691 Qualifying Time: P6 Finishing Position: P6 on track but due to a penalty dropped to p7 Other notes: Lap 8 i lost it out of t2 , so my time is slower/ From the end of lap 25 to the end , i was envolved in a three way battle...