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    AOR is closing down.

    Yup, got me too. Got the push notification and was all like WTF. Then I remembered the date. Well played!
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    PC ROUND 7 - Zolder

    @GIXXERosg I'll not be able to race tonight. I'm going to meet my new niece in hospital so I'll not be home in time. Apparently "can't we just do it tomorrow so I can race?" is an unacceptable question.
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    PC ROUND 4 - Road America

    @GIXXERosg I'll not be able to attend this race either I'm afraid. Hoping to be up to racing again for RBR though.
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    PC ROUND 3 - Long Beach

    I'll most likely miss this round for reasons. I'll let you know for definite on Tuesday @GIXXERosg
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    PC GT3 S12 - Brands Hatch GP "Official" Test race - TUESDAY 05.02.2019 @8:00 pm GMT

    I'm not attending the actual race, if there's a space available I'd like to attend this practice unless I'm taking up a spot for someone doing the actual race.
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Tier 4 - Car and Team Registration

    Car registration Name: Spacemonkee78 Car: Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Livery: # 78 Barwell Motorsport team registration TBA
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Evaluation Race 1 23.01.19

    I'd like to join this race if there are spots available
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    PC AOR GT3 S12 - PC Sign Up Thread

    Can you race regularly on Wednesday nights? Yes Do you understand and accept the league's rules and regulations? Yes Have you read and understood the rules regarding Manual Rolling Start? Yes Gamertag: Spacemonkee78 Nationality: Scottish Speedtest Result: I'd like to sign up as a reserve for...
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    PC AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 3 - Main Thread

    January I think, there's a filler series of RX races before S12 I think