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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Sign-ups are OPEN for Season 19 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues on F1 2019!
    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

  1. TRL Martin

    AOR F1 2019 Classic Christmas Cup - Sign Up Thread

    Platform: XB1 Gamertag: TRL Martin Region, league and split you race in in F1 regular leagues: Euro F1
  2. TRL Martin

    XB1 Friday Italy Practice

    Lost game sound at Ascari and binned it lmao. Useful session though, ggs all
  3. TRL Martin

    XB1 [Fr 22nd Nov, 8pm] Belgium 50%

    Sorry to be awkward but is it cool that I pull out from this, I've come back from work and i'm absolutely shattered haha @maxen
  4. TRL Martin

    XB1 Xbox F1 - Intentional Blocking in Qualifying

    Apologies Jamie, i have reasons to believe AlperBal has left so i would like this thread retracted
  5. TRL Martin

    XB1 Fri 09/08 8pm Australia Practice

    I got beat to the Alfa haha. Appreciate the session, useful for Sunday. I had a ton of understeer compared to gp mode, not sure if others suffered this as well. GG all, good luck on sunday
  6. TRL Martin

    XB1 Fri 09/08 8pm Australia Practice

    I'm down to race if this is going ahead, Alfa Romeo
  7. TRL Martin

    XB1 AOR S18 XB1 F1 League - Car and Number Selection Thread

    1. Alfa Romeo 2. Renault 3. Ferrari 4. Red Bull Preferred team mate: @Surprize #21
  8. TRL Martin

    XB1 Main AOR XB1 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Evaluation Race Thread - Season 18

    It could have been better with more setup work and practice, made a lot of errors. I had some nice side by side action at times with Amazed though, good fun.
  9. TRL Martin

    XB1 Main AOR XB1 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Time Trial Thread - Season 18

    TT Times. China leaderboard on Xbox is glitched, used friends list leaderboard
  10. TRL Martin

    XB1 Main AOR XB1 F1 2019 Leagues - Main Sign Up Thread - Season 18

    Gamertag: TRL Martin ● Nationality: British ● Assists used: None ● Have you read and understood the AOR Rules? Yes ● Do you accept that if you are fast enough to be placed in one of the top leagues you will have to race with no assists? Yes ● Are you committed to completing the whole season as...
  11. TRL Martin

    XB1 Time Penalty Removal

    Damn wont let me edit. Sorry Platform + League: XB1 F1 Christmas Cup League Coordinator: @Jamie183 & @Hayden_430 Date: 20/12/18 ^^^^^^^
  12. TRL Martin

    XB1 Time Penalty Removal

    The game awarded me with a 5 second stop go penalty for exceeding track limits, I feel personally it was too extreme of a penalty and I'm requesting it to get removed. It was at the bus stop chicane where I went all four wheels over the right hand line, I feel 5 second penalty for that incident...
  13. TRL Martin

    AOR Classic Christmas Cup 2018 - Sign-Up Thread

    Platform XB1: Gamertag: TRL Martin Region: Europe
  14. TRL Martin

    XB1 Weaving in the braking zone, causing an avoidable collision.

    Platform + League: Xbox One F1 League Coordinator: @Jamie183 Date: 06/05/2018 Members Involved: VSR Simon Description: Video tells the whole story honestly. Following Alonso and Simon who was yet to make a pit stop was the car ahead of the Mercedes. Heading into turn 1 he pulls over to the...