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    F1 2017 - What do you think so far Thread

    As a game I feel like its worse than fully patched F1 2016 at the moment. Not in terms of features, handling or general gameplay but in how rough and unpolished everything feels. I was expecting a lot more from them to be honest. I don't think its acceptable to be launching with huge issues like...
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    PS4 F1 2017 Hype

    I have F1 2012 > F1 2013 deja vu as well to be honest. They make a decent game(2012,2016) and then the entire focus of the next years game is on a part of it that is a side attraction and not the main thing. Hopefully we get some more info over the next month, the multiplayer beta was a good...
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    PS4 F1 2017 Hype

    Agreed that's pretty shocking if true. Its not an issue that a racing series on its 8th game should be having. The game engine seems way outdated at this stage, not just on the visual side but the handling never seems to get past a 6 or 7/10. If they have to keep making compromises because of...
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    PS4 F1 2017 Hype

    The cars look ridiculous with the front end jacked up that high.
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    Whats the best Sim/racing purchase you have ever made

    Probably my race seat. Upgrading wheel/pedals is always nice but racing in a set position did wonders for my consistency. Before buying the seat I used to race with my wheel mounted to the desk whilst sitting on a computer chair that would move around all over the place. Using Clubsport V1's...
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    PC 22/05/2017 1.2h of Suzuka

    Just looked into this and realised I wasn't racing with the penalty system posted in the league forum. Honestly I had no idea it even existed, I will fix it for next time guys, sorry. As far as the race goes it was pretty straight forward but I was probably gaining an advantage being off the...
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    PC 22/05/2017 1.2h of Suzuka

    C7R if there's any room left. Thanks! No idea what to do on the strategy but I guess I will learn as I go along
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    F1 2017 beta testing

    I didn't get one either but then again I completely forgot about signing up :rofl::rofl::rofl: I had the form open and ready to go a while back but thought "Nah I will do it later" and it just slipped my mind :unsure: Are you sure you signed up properly because to me it looks like everyone...
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    PS4 AOR F1 2016 Leagues - PS4 Discussion Thread (Season 13)

    Trust me I am the most sceptical guy out there when it comes to equal cars, mainly because of my experiences with F1 2011 and 2012 where there were huge differences between teams. Every year I do an equal car test pre season and since F1 2014 I can't find any difference from car to car. I think...
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    PS4 AOR F1 2016 Leagues - PS4 Discussion Thread (Season 13)

    The cars are exactly the same imo, your mind is just playing tricks on you. Each car will look slightly different on track because of the camera settings and FOV and yes that can influence how they seem to be handling(higher FOV will look like you have faster turn in) but they all have exactly...
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    AOR 2017 Grand Prix Predictor League

    I think that's my biggest race points total ever in one of these things :eek: Looks like a lot of people went for Hamilton to win although we will never really know because the website seems to have lost every feature from the last few years
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    PC Round 21 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix [26/03/2017 8:00 pm]

    Just a disaster of a race all around. Started in quali where I couldn't get a lap on ultras because of lag spikes with people leaving and rejoining. After that the race was going well, I was making progress on the SS until me and NonRunner collided in sector 3, Berghe got collected as well which...
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    2017 Australian Grand Prix

    Not as simple as that though. You need to be close enough to be in a position to divebomb. You can't do that when you are stuck 7-8 tenths back. Its pretty obvious what the culprit is, 2014 was the only season in the last 15 years that had similar cars being able to follow each other. That year...
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    2017 Australian Grand Prix

    Good to see a competitive race for the win but the rest of the race was awful. Don't see much happening anywhere this season, the gap from the top 3 to the rest is ridiculous. I think Lewis had a pitstop on Massa after about 10 laps. Overtaking looked impossible, Ocon couldn't overtake Alonso...