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    Mazda TC L1: Autumn Ring Mini & Nurburgring GP/D (Full) 21st July @8PM

    Hi Guys - just to let you know I won't be here for next Mondays race... sorry
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    Mazda TC L1: Autumn Ring Mini & Nurburgring GP/D (Full) 21st July @8PM

    Had a room open since half 7 but noone is online? Guess we're canning it for tonight then?
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    Mazda TC L1: Autumn Ring Mini & Nurburgring GP/D (Full) 21st July @8PM

    I'll be there, don't mind what we do to be honest!!
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    Mazda TC L1: Brands Hatch GP

    Sorry for the lobby settings issues guys - I've recently put a new HD in my PS3 as my old one died so I lost all my game data. When I recreated the room with Ash's settings it didn't mention boost so I didn't check it and its on by default it seems so that's why it was on. My fault entirely - I...
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    AOR GT League Merger

    I'm still in. Shall I host? I will be out at 8pm but back at around 10 past - I can set up the room now to let people join and when I get back we can commence racing?? Is that ok?
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    Mazda TC L2: Brands Hatch GP 7/7/14 @8PM

    I'll be there!
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    30/6-2014 MX5 TC Social 20:00 GMT

    I'll try and join in this!
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    PSN update 4.60

    Cheers guys! Seems to be a random issue, a bit of googling reveals that s small proportion of users experience an issue when they release a psn update: the threads...
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    PSN update 4.60

    Completely knackered the hard drive in my PS3. Only solution was to format the disk and install the update via usb stick but its wiped everything, not too happy to say the least. All my lovely GT6 stuff gone!! :ohmy: At least its a reminder to backup before doing an update... Anyone else had...
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    Mazda Roadster TC - AOR Gran Turismo 6 - Sign Up

    PSN ID: MentalHobNob Nationality: UK You have read the rules and you understand them: Yes Car Number: 14 Preferred Teammate -
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    AOR 60 Minutes Of Le Mans 23/06/14 @8pm

    I'll be there, I'll be using the Peugeot HDI FAP I think
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    AORGT Mclaren F1 GTR (Track Vote Replacement) 16th June @ 8PM

    I'll be there as usual guys!!
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    AORGT: Mclaren F1 GTR -Bathhurst - 9th June @8pm GMT

    I'll be there as usual, looking forward to this one after last weeks poor effort
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    L1: Scirocco GT24 - Grand Valley East - 26th May @8pm GMT (Final VW GT24 Race)

    Quali: Was ok, I hadn't had much of a warm up so was still working out my lines for the middle sector but overall was happy with the pace and the car. Think I came in 10th. Feature: Had a good start and gained a place or two. Kept up a decent pace and avoided the spinners and collisions that...