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    AOR Community Team For Daytona 24

    @3xTreme @Adam Levitt @Alexjonsson @AlexOki @Alstevens83 @Argon @Arild @Asger8907 @BaBaBoye @Backe Gabrielsen @BenScott4 @blake300892 @boofon @Bruno Domiter @Bucefal @burnoutforzai @Callum McFall @Carbo @CarbonUK @Carles29 @Charlie9000 @Choupix @CianF1 @CJBMX702 @Claudiu_Clima @Connor Ryan...
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    XB1 AL1 Brakechecked and spun

    No hard feelings @KLID22. I don't really care what happens, I just wanted to do this in case something can be done.
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    XB1 AL1 Brakechecked and spun

    Members involved: @KLID22 @FolksyCash04 Folksy had front wing damage and slowed down a lot going into the second bit of T1, i was trying to get ahead of Hagel and I hit his rear. I try going around Folksy but lose time instead. KLI comes and goes around my outside and spins me. Evidence...
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    XB1 New Year's Day 50% Japan Practice [Wed 1st Jan 2020 8PM]

    Pretty good on my end. Using no assists other than RL and I can keep up with the top F6 guys. Further reason to move up.
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    AOR Community Team For Daytona 24

    Ok so i'm planning on doing the Daytona 24 and im wondering if there are any AOR community teams doing the race. My irating is around 1100-1200 currently, but if I can get a couple of good races I can get a higher irating than that. I can drive the GTEs around in 1:44s or 45s. So is anyone...
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    AOR Website Suggestions Thread

    Yeah Ive had this problem for a while now.
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    AOR Week 13 - Nordschleife - GTE, Porsche Cup and TCR

    Same may think about it but legs die everytime at nordy. Though I think its ok in slower cars.
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    2019 Brazilian Grand Prix.

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    2019 Brazilian Grand Prix.

    Those last few laps were good weren't they!
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    AOR Forza V8 Supercars - Registration - Open!

    Minx Racing AOR Minx #895
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    XB1 AOR GT3 S14 - XB1 Sign-Up Thread

    I might consider a return if we have enough signups
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    Jimmers 24hr Charity Race

    October 12-13th
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    Jimmers 24hr Charity Race

    So I'm doing jimmers 24 hours of zolder race with the dbr9. Currently got 3 drivers but I feel like we need more. If you are interested please show your discord number so I can invite you to my server. Im looking for people who can go for long stints (probably night stints)
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    AOR does week 13 - Monday 9.9.19

    will it be streamed still