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    PC AOR GT3 Pro - R6: Nordschleife 04/01/2017 8pm

    @Nachosinho np ivessen 2 car infront of me having a incidend , i went on the brakes but was too late , so it became a 3 car incident . np sht happns
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    PC Interest for future leagues (Poll)

    yeah , when gt3 is done eh
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    Interest for future leagues

    super v8 , yeah shure . on sundays example
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    PC incident 2

    my opinion is , didn expected traffic to be that slow. no action needed.
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    PC incident 2

    Platform + League:PC GT3 Pro League League Coordinator: @Morvic Date: 21.12.2016 Members Involved: xxxstefxxx mobster lobster Description: unexpected slow traffic , slammed the brakes , tried to pas inside . failed. Evidence:
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    PC incident

    my opinion is , no action needed. i had to be faster on exit .
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    PC incident

    Platform + League: PC GT3 Pro League League Coordinator: @Morvic Date: 21.12.2016 Members Involved: @xxxstefxxx @danci @frankodrose Description: exit power slide ,pinned rear end, been pushed offroad becose of slower exit , lost control , hitted frankodose. Evidence: https://clips.twitc...
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    PC Imola - Ignoring blue flag

    look at the distance at the start line , your 400 yards behind me and 45 ,btw my blue flag was going on and of , it was confused . but will see if you get your right .
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    PC Imola - Ignoring blue flag

    well , i tought hey could not get closer , i was running 44 43 eventuly when he was close i would just let him pass . i have seen him al along . im talking abaut 50 to 100 yards , when closer then 3 cars lengths i give away , but good try . euh , you spun 200...
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    PC S6: AOR GT3 Pro - Car Selection Thread

    im in the bmw z4 gt3 sinds the second race of season 6
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    PC Oulton park going back to track

    im going to stand in pit next race and im going to scan each milimeter you move on the track until you fkng get it what clean driving is not.
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    PC Oulton park going back to track

    @Punkcho @Sanic @Morvic punkcho rammed my car too as when he was in bleu flag , and needs the hole road to get back on it and cant race decent . and sanic screwed my championship becose he parked his car after turn 3 well , uses the hole f road too to get back...
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    PC AOR GT3 Pro - R4: Oulton Park International 14/12/2016 8pm

    the start was a chaos , some car crashed the starting field in front and then some car dicides to wreck me and then mid race a frikkin swerming drifting car on the grass dicedes to go on the track where cars are pasing at 200 kmh , flew straight into it. had 3 incidents and 1...