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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Sign-ups are OPEN for Season 19 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues on F1 2019!
    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

  1. Z

    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 21 - Abu Dhabi - 02/02/20 @ 8PM UK (GMT)

    I'm sorry for my crash thankfully you didn't get damaged. I got the video of the crash on my highlights and it is really weird, I touched the kerb on the inside and the car suffered understeer suddenly and I wasn't ready. Haven't seen the others 2 crashes in the same place but I think there is...
  2. Z

    PS4 This guy needs to get banned...

    The second one has already been reported but the first video no. This situation has become tragic in the last few races of the Season.
  3. Z

    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Season Awards

    Season Awards: Best Qualifier: 1. Robin 2. Max 3. Solidninja Best Racer: 1. Robin 2. Max 3. Hamres Most Consistent Driver: 1. Robin 2. Max 3. Solidninja Best Overtaker: 1. Robin 2. Hamres 3. Solidninja Cleanest Driver: 1. Solidninja 2. Robin 3. Eottoes Unluckiest Driver: 1. Myself...
  4. Z

    PS4 Bad behaviour

    Platform + League: PS4 F5 League Coordinator: @Hasnain Date: 12/01/20 Members Involved: Me - @Heaxxy - @Hamres22 - @TheTubbyNinja - @SolidNinjaSnake but probably everyone Description: @Heaxxy knew he was lagging all over the place he didn't care at all the entire race. A disgusting behaviour...
  5. Z

    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 17 - Japan - 05/01/19 @ 8PM UK (GMT)

    I will not be able to race tonight, sorry guys and have fun
  6. Z

    PS4 F5 singapore

    He braked at the 50 meters board, from where he was it's clear that wasn't possible to make the turn even if i wasn't there plus he locked up the rear
  7. Z

    PS4 F5 singapore

    Platform + League: PS4 F5 League Coordinator: @Hasnain Date: 12/8/19 Members Involved: myself and @Heaxxy Description: not much to say, the video clearly shows what happened Evidence:
  8. Z

    PS4 Mid Season Interview

    What was your pre-season expectation? Season 17 was my first season in AOR, were just 10 races then i didn't have time to prove what i could do, then i wasn't really expected anything from this season. Are you happy with your results so far this season? If not, why? I can't say i am, missed a...
  9. Z

    PS4 F5 R10 - Breaking Stowe Track Limits in Quali by Zaack

    I feel (and delta proves too, coming in -0,890 and coming out -0,880 faster than my previous best lap that was the 12th fastest as the video shows) I didn't gain an advantage since i missed the apex and lost the rear going on the curb, but here the video about stowe in qualy:
  10. Z

    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 8 - France - 6/10/19 @8PM UK

    I didn't have time to prepare this race as i wanted and that cause me a few penalties and a pace that wasn't the best but i'm happy with the result. Enjoy the highlights of my race. See you in Austria.
  11. Z

    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 5 - Spain - 8/9/19 @8PM UK

    Sorry but I'll not be able to race too. Didn't even get to do a single lap. I'll have my last exam of the session tomorrow then i'll be free till January. See you guys next week
  12. Z

    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 4 - Azerbaijan - 1/9/19 @8PM UK

    Didn't really expect to get 5th since I couldn't even put together a good lap in TT, I tried a few laps in free practice just before the race to put together a setup and I think I found a good compromise between top speed and rear stability that was a problem in Bahrain.
  13. Z

    PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 4 - Azerbaijan - 1/9/19 @8PM UK

    Tomorrow I'll share the video of the race, sorry but i just put the wrong race and i don't how to delete the message :ROFLMAO: