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2019 French GP


F1 Senna Equivalent
May 20, 2016
What you want to use some random youtuber as your reply/argument (who admitted his bias to Hamilton) that's as bad as Ferrari using Chandok's sky F1 analysis as evidence, yes we all know what the regs say but as I said and proved before, there clearly not being applied equally to everyone though over the recent years are they.
Besides I found it amusing that part of his argument where Seb was meant to go is 'not relevant' what a ludicrous thing to say, he ain't a magician he can't make his car disappear he has to at least try get back on the track, or would you have preferred for him to crash into Hamilton and take them both out.:rolleyes:

Anyway he just like you, likes to ignore the past, sure 'consistency' was mentioned (of late) but the big question mark is where was this over the last decade, once again its people who like penalties when it suits them.

Oh and I take it I hit the nail on the head with my assessment of Steve in my previous post everyone, now you know whenever he tries to make a ridiculous claim about Hamilton or something else F1 wise, just produce some undeniable facts, numbers or evidence that'll proves otherwise and you'll get no counter response from him.:ROFLMAO: