PC - ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro-Am - ROUND 3 - Hungaroring - 13.08.19 @8PM UK TIME | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro-Am - ROUND 3 - Hungaroring - 13.08.19 @8PM UK TIME


Formula 4 Test Driver
Dec 17, 2018
@packolla was it your connection or @77 's do you think?

FYI - I was feeling some funky stuff going on with connection also BUT being in the USA and Fixed Point Wireless if you EVER see my wrap, lag, etc let me know ASAP so I can either pull aside or retire. Same goes for others because while on track in ACC it's not easy to tell if your the one.
I think it was my connection (Not sure, first time that I had problems in acc).

**** happens...
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AOR XB1 GT3 S12 T3 Champion
Jan 13, 2019
@ApexMaibom looking through the replay @S4Howie did wait up both times and I know from experience in the Lexus that the brake lock up is real!!! It is odd as hell to be honest because things feel great and then the car just slides on you BIG TIME. Sucks you both kept finding each other on track!
And I wasn’t questioning his conduct after the accidents at all - only the frustration of being taken out of contention twice in the matter of one lap


AOR ACC S2 AM Champion
Jun 21, 2019
If someone is on my ass for 2-3 laps I try to let them through to avoid trouble, I would rather run my own pace and race then fight to long. You tend to score more points in the long run ;)
Its usually what i do as well. Sometimes you have to race smart! Tis why i usually dont give the T1 drivers too much resistance when they come up to overtake me when we mix tiers in PC2 haha. You usually end up losing time in the end and could actually benefit from trying to follow a faster driver. Something to think about :)
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