PC - ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro - ROUND 4 - Barcelona - 20.08.19 @8PM UK TIME | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro - ROUND 4 - Barcelona - 20.08.19 @8PM UK TIME


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Mar 9, 2016
Its terribly off topic, but I'm curious what you are gaining from the new rig compared to your old one?
Most important thing is stiffness as the raceroom seat is flexible as f... especially with the big monitor on it.
Second is adjustability as you can screw things on it wherever you want.
Third is customizability. I can build the exact seat position I want with changing profiles or just adjusting heights
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Dec 23, 2017
I have problem to check the box in MFD to change tyres, anyone knows what button it should be?
You should just need to push 'right' to check the box, the entire MFD is navigated with Up/Down/Left/Right so Right usually fills in for clicking on something.


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May 6, 2015
Just make sure you don't have the left / right on the D-pad bound for something else :p


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Mar 27, 2018
Mfd overrides other bindings when car management or pitstop management are on screen

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Jul 8, 2019
No FFB on my wheel. Trying for hours now. Think its gonte to the Logitech heavens…. Out for me :(


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Jan 12, 2019

Thought it was monday so I didn't realize we had race, sorry for that. Was late at work so wouldn't matter anyways. So stupid :(

See you next week!
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Feb 8, 2018
If anyone has a replay of the first 30 minutes I'd love to see it. I tried to take it extra safe on lap 1 into the hairpin but mistook the 100m board for the 150m board and had to make a crazy dive into the right side wall in order to avoid a pile-up. I was sure I was going to hit someone. Some :poop: might have come out...
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Dec 23, 2017
Well, damnit, I was slow. Slow in Q, slow in the dry, and slow in the wet.

I knew it wasn't going to go well since I had such little practice. Since there was changeable conditions I just pretty much loaded my Nurb GP wet setup (which wasn't even great at Nurb), upped the cambers a bit, stuck some drys on, and was hoping for it to spend most of the race lightly raining.

My cambers were too low, and the rear of the car too soft (considering full fuel load) for decent pace in the dry, and aside from a brief few laps right before it started to rain when I had less fuel and everything actually started to feel kinda nice, I didn't have the pace to really challenge for positions (or even to bother trying to defend the position I had), handily I could keep up enough with a slowed-by-constant-battling @Mattster and @dopey401 that I had something interesting to watch for half of the race (y)

@dopey401 eventually gave up trying to pass the solidly defending @Mattster and jumped in the pits (sadly for a new set of drys) about 5mins before the rain started, and I managed to stay close enough to Mattster and pitted early enough when the rain came to jump him in the pits. The car was decent enough with the light rain, but as it got heavier I just lost more and more pace every lap, while Mattster had some awesome pace in the wet in his boat and easily caught and passed me, along with a recovering (from making two pitstops) @AndrexUK.

In the end it was enough of an accomplishment for me to make it to the end of the race without any damage, and I stole a few positions from people who had some misfortunes or who's cars protested the eventual thunderstorms even more than mine, for an eventual 13th.

Some lessons learned for sure, but overall a challenging, interesting, and enjoyable race throughout, and as much as my car sucked in both dry and wet, I really liked the random weather, although I do feel that the thunderstorm at the end was a bit over the top. Hopefully going forward Kunos will provide us with some way to limit how wet a race can get, to avoid those times where its almost a red-flag situation.

Congrats to @One_Ko for a first win in AOR well earned for sure, to @Marlon Andrade for a second podium in a row, and @JKay14 for eventually taking those bags of sand out his trunk :rolleyes:
Comiserations to @jasonabsmeier for doing (almost) everything right, but finding himself on the wrong side of race control and getting a drive through.

Onwards to Paul Ricard, a dry race at a track the M6 doesn't hate every singe corner. Really looking forward to that one :)