Any PC Formula Leagues soon? |

Any PC Formula Leagues soon?


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Jun 7, 2019
Hi, I just recently joined, and I was wondering if there is a Formula-type league that will be coming in the following months. I've looked at the forums, and it seems that there is one, but I'm assuming that it's filled up already since I have not gotten a response as of yet.

I would really like to see how I do against other people (after a lot of practice, of course).

Thanks in advance.

Hampus Soderberg

AOR PC Assetto Corsa S4 & RallyCross S1 Champion
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Jan 13, 2014
Both F3 and f1 2000 leagues are coming, I don't know when, think there's been some delays but think you can atleast expect forums and signups this month. :)
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ACC Coordinator
Jan 11, 2018
@ori F3 is out and watch closely for F2000 very soon ;)
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