XB1 - AOR AC TT CUP S4 - Round 1 - Silverstone - 29.11.18 @8PM UK time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

XB1 AOR AC TT CUP S4 - Round 1 - Silverstone - 29.11.18 @8PM UK time


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Mar 9, 2016
Everybody else made it mate. No alerts for anybody as I tried to put up the splits asap


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Nov 11, 2018
(WTF... I was there in a lobby with others who disconnected then ... I'm alone!)

Okay! Explanation time: there was multiple lobbies called AOR R2S1, aor lobby 2, etc. active. When I tried to connect I was visibly in the wrong lobby, then was invited in the correct one by a friend, then was ruled out because the race had presumably begun...

In the end, I got to race (kewl!) but stressed as I was I forgot to load my settings - stock car with 30 liters of fuel = not good at all! (I'm a muppet I know!)

For race 2 (since it worked pretty fine all things considered!) could you just announce the names of the lobbies you'll create in advance AND set 2 different passwords so that there will be no doubt when we'll join? Simple and efficient, innit?

ie: AOR S4 R1L1 and AOR S4 R1L2 - same password apexsil for the two of them. Then AOR S4 R2L1 and AOR S4 R2L2 - apixsel...
No mistaking the 4 of them and the different passwords as a safeguard.
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Mar 15, 2017
length of the race is good as it allows both hards and mediums to have a strategy on tyres. i do agree that length of the races can be a bit long but the racing is close. both races are about 35/40 minutes long so putting it down to maybe 30 max would be good.

Hope split 2 was a good race?


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Mar 29, 2018
Split 2 had good racing to. I pers woudn t mind if the split stays the same after race one, and race 2 reverse grid


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Jun 28, 2016
So I decided to buy the car pack 5 minutes before qualifying and Gold at 9:05pm... LOL
Drove a couple of laps to see what was awaiting me... understeer
No qualifying for me -> last place second lobby
Start was okay... ooopsss... not enough fuel -> pits... press fill tank -> 100 liters so reduce it to 45 and GO GO GO...
Just drove around on medium tyres, overheating fronts and poor car handling... only a 10.3 I think it was really frustrating not to be on pace. Mid race I heard something about push to pass I thought it was a joke until @p4thos I think told me that these cars have push to pass... LOL so I thought ok next race I will bind it...
ANDDDD I FORGOT TO... At least I had fuel. Started P5 on the hard tyres and I felt the grip for the first time, put a lot of pressure on CELLPRT who struggled in the corners but got away on the straights and after I overtook him I burned a 09.3 into the tarmac without P2P. I was really happy with that because it showed that there was some pace in my car. Got greedy made a couple mistakes but for me davealex was too far ahead around 8-10 seconds. But his TT got bigger and in the penultimate lap I overtook him and led the last lap finishing 1st in the 2nd race. Can’t complain. I am looking forward to the next race hopefully with some practice under my belt.

The organization will be discussed tomorrow. Good night
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