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PC AOR ACL Audi TT Cup - Driver Awards!


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Mar 3, 2015
I pretty much stole this from an old Project Cars thread, but trought it was a good idea. :)

FYI: New this season if that the guy with the most overall votes will get a small price. :)

As usual there will be no voting for yourself.

Fastest Driver - (The driver who you think is the fastest over one lap)

Best Qualifier - (Not necessarily the fastest, but the person who always gets the most out of their car in qualifying)

Most Consistent Driver - (The driver you think is always performing at or above their skill level)

Fairest Driver - (The driver who you would most trust going side by side and both drivers coming out clean)

Best Overtaker - (The driver who would never seem to be able to get stuck in traffic and always seemed to overtake from next to no opportunities)

Best Defender - (The driver who always seemed to keep faster drivers behind even if they shouldn't have been able to)

Best Under Pressure - (The driver who never seems to crack under pressure, whatever you throw at them they just don't seem fazed)

Unluckiest Driver - (The racing gods clearly didn't like this driver this season and they couldn't catch a break)

Best Race - (The race which was the most exciting)

Best Single Race Performance - (The driver who got more out of the car than they should have done at a single race)

Driver of the Season - (The driver you think was the best over the course of the season)

Best Teammates - (Not necessarily the quickest, but the team mates which helped each other and pushed each other to the maximum)

Surprise of the Season - (The driver which surprised you the most, whether in a positive or negative manor)

Funniest Driver - (The driver which makes you laugh the most on Team Speak)

Driver to watch out for - (The driver that has potential but hasn't really shown it all yet)
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Mar 3, 2015
Main Drivers:
1. @Noztra - Danish - 76561197963502606
2. @EVR Morvic - Polish - 76561198158588935
3. @santsuke99 - Finnish - 76561198130689550
4. @DANGEROUS GIANETTA - Turkish - 76561198231081596
5. @Hampus Soderberg - Finnish - 76561198122609451
6. @Niclas Domino - Danish - 76561198063421295
7. @R.Macieira - Portuguese - 76561198012702299
8. @matt785shimmy - British - 76561198090652276
9. @berserkmir - Italian - 76561197966377099
10. @Astrit Arsllani - Albanian - 76561198258413494
11. @Dazzy Oz - British - 76561198046945391
12. @Adrian Jumuga - Romanian - 76561198024042819
13. @Microlander - British - 76561198084161294
14. @David Siska - Hungarian - 76561197977895080
15. @NonRunner - Finnish - 76561198016999983
16. @Meekstaaa - British - 76561198225460264
17. @TheIceberg - Finnish - 76561198062867919
18. @exited - German - 76561198294309587
19. @Keith Camilleri - Maltese - 76561198375179536
20. @Mattia Silva - Portuguese - 76561198012778633
21. @hinesy32 - British - ?
22. @SilverArrow3 - Belgian - 76561198018001701
23. @Tom Bridle - British - 76561198015481203
24. @Rasmus Augustsson - Swedish - 76561198141851387
25. @Mr AlcoN - Finnish - 76561198316158141
26. @VRT Ringrose - British - 76561198026379022
27. @F1XL Pred - Italian - 76561198133533291
28. @Emin Babaoglu - Turkish - 76561198084171886
29. @maxafc46 - British - 76561198103557910
30. @Flavus Periculum - Scottish - 76561198367206299
31. @Terence Grech - Maltese - 76561197998496345
32. @N1kmido - Austria - 76561198118453967
33. @Justin Mifsud - Maltese - 76561198175644219
34. @Sisuvoima10 - Finnish - 76561198033404086
35. @Ryan Mangion - Maltese - 76561198274715321
36. @Erti147 - Scottish - ?

@Vernux - Hungarian - ?

@@Ycoms - 76561198158537213
@@McPhilen - 76561197970893643


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Mar 3, 2015
Fastest Driver - @Sisuvoima10 - Only been part of three races, but showed some serious pace!

Best Qualifier - @Tom Bridle - Always seem to be near the top.

Most Consistent Driver - @Hampus Soderberg - You can't win without being consistent!

Fairest Driver - @DANGEROUS GIANETTA - The most fair and friendly driver in AOR.

Best Overtaker - @santsuke99 - He gained so many places in race 2 this season.

Best Defender - @berserkmir - Has taken the defending crown from @Astrit Arsllani this season.

Best Under Pressure - @Hampus Soderberg

Unluckiest Driver - @TheIceberg - Always seemed to get caught up in accidents.

Best Race - Okayama - P2 Baby!

Best Single Race Performance - @Flavus Periculum at Okayama. To bad he ran out of fuel.

Driver of the Season - @hinesy32 - P34 and 50 points in season 3 and now P12 and 245 points this season!

Best Teammates - Grey Goose Racing - Always help each other out on track and its all about the team.

Surprise of the Season - @matt785shimmy for "only" being P7 in the championship.

Funniest Driver - @Adrian Jumuga

Driver to watch out for - @Dazzy Oz - A little more luck and skill and he wil be right up there!

Hampus Soderberg

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Jan 13, 2014
Always struggle with these, I don't really pay too much attention at this stuff during the season but hopefully my picks are somewhat logical. :)

Fastest Driver - @santsuke99 - consistently up there among the best laps in the races. @Sisuvoima10 would also be a contender, especially for Laguna Seca but would rather look over the whole season.

Best Qualifier - @Tom Bridle - I could be wrong but I've gotten the impression that he's usually up there in quali and then maybe dropping some places in the race. Also gotten the same impression with @NonRunner. Good skills at putting the lap together in quali which is difficult with only one chance.

Most Consistent Driver - @exited - coming to a race you know he's a potential threat, his consistency throughout the season gave him 2nd in the championship.

Fairest Driver - Definitely more than one I have big thrust in when racing side-by-side. I generall think @santsuke99 and @exited are both great to race with.

Best Overtaker - Fortunately I can't really remember me dropping too many places this season and can't really decide on one person that stands out.

Best Defender - @Noztra - more than once that I've really had to put my elbows out to overtake, some moments with contact where he's been quite aggressive, altho I have very much enjoyed these moments because in the end we both always had enough room to not crash.

Best Under Pressure - Another one which I really struggle to decide on. Feels like I've only raced very few ppl throughout the season and I think all of the fronrunners are good under pressure, not really anyone that stands out.

Unluckiest Driver - @santsuke99 - Definitely deserved better, connection issues and race 2 struggles, great job to get p3 in the end. :)

Best Race - Quite enjoyed Jerez for some reason, difficult to overtake and really had to fight for the few places I was able to gain from a bad qualifying in race 1 and after a horrible T1 in Race 2 there was some really fun battles to get P2.

Best Single Race Performance - Probably needs to be @Sisuvoima10 at Laguna Seca, race 1. Just overall strong to come in mid-season and qualify on pole and then bring the win home.

Driver of the Season - With equal cars I definitely believe the points shows how drivers performed over the season so will have to say @exited.

Best Teammates - Can't expect me to be totally unbiased here....Team Suomi. ;) I'm atleast personally very happy with my team mates.

Surprise of the Season - One specific driver being a lot more aggressive than I expected which probably ruined it a lot for himself, and ended up a lot lower than his pace would put him. Not just one driver either tbh, a lot of people if I would coach them that I would recommend picking their battles more wisely. In the end people can do however they like and some are here just for racing and doesn't care abou the points, and that's obviously fine too. :)

Funniest Driver - Honestly can't keep track of who is who but always a joy to listen on discord :)

Driver to watch out for - @TheIceberg who I belive has consistently improved throughout the season and can hopefully keep on improving. :)


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Apr 14, 2017
Fastest Driver - @Hampus Soderberg & @Sisuvoima10 (I would have needed more races for comparison to decide which one)

Best Qualifier - @Terence Grech

Most Consistent Driver - @Tom Bridle

Fairest Driver - @Dazzy Oz (this was hard choice, so many other candidates as well)

Best Overtaker - @Hampus Soderberg

Best Defender - @berserkmir

Best Under Pressure - @exited

Unluckiest Driver - @matt785shimmy

Best Race - Jerez race 2

Best Single Race Performance - @Hampus Soderberg at Okayama race 2

Driver of the Season - @exited (much better than previous season)

Best Teammates - RPM eSports (not sure about helping, but at least they were pushing each other quite hard :D )

Surprise of the Season - @hinesy32 (especially in the opening rounds)

Funniest Driver - @Noztra

Driver to watch out for - @N1kmido (will be very high, if he is driving all the races!)


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May 5, 2016
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Aug 9, 2016
Fastest Driver - @Hampus Soderberg

Best Qualifier - @NonRunner

Most Consistent Driver - @Hampus Soderberg

Fairest Driver - @Noztra

Best Overtaker - @Hampus Soderberg

Best Defender - @berserkmir

Best Under Pressure - @Noztra

Unluckiest Driver - @SilverArrow3

Best Race - Brands Hatch race 1

Best Single Race Performance - @Flavus Periculum at Jerez race 2, okey yes he got little bit lucky because there was quite a lot of battling and crashes happening behind him but then again he absolutely dominated that race when it's safe to say he definitely wasn't considered being fastest driver on the grid

Driver of the Season - @Hampus Soderberg

Best Teammates - Team Suomi

Surprise of the Season - @EVR Morvic scoring only 76 points and finishing 30th on standings when pace wise he was definitely top 10, i'm not sure what happened to him, he had some lag issues but was that the whole story?

Funniest Driver - @Noztra

Driver to watch out for - @Flavus Periculum time to time he showed pretty good pace, then on other hand sometimes he was literally no where, if he can improve his consistency then he is definitely driver to watch out on top 10


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Jan 15, 2014


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Sep 22, 2015
Fastest Driver - @Sisuvoima10 Hasn't been around for most of the season but has impressive speed

Best Qualifier - @Tom Bridle always up near the top

Most Consistent Driver - @Hampus Soderberg Champion, so he has to be

Fairest Driver - @Astrit Arsllani had some nice battles, with others too

Best Overtaker - @matt785shimmy We never battled much, but he always passed me with ease within a corner or two of catching me

Best Defender - @Astrit Arsllani

Best Under Pressure - @Astrit Arsllani if you can defend well, you can handle pressure well

Unluckiest Driver - @matt785shimmy caught up in a few accidents and dodgy internet ;)

Best Race - Really enjoyed Jerez, lots of close battles in both races

Best Single Race Performance - @Flavus Periculum at Okoyama

Driver of the Season - @Hampus Soderberg

Best Teammates - Those annoying Hoonigan boys, they're everywhere!

Surprise of the Season - @N1kmido Showed some great pace despite not being around for most of it

Funniest Driver - @Noztra Every season on Discord :)

Driver to watch out for - @Flavus Periculum


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Oct 27, 2014
Fastest Driver - @Sisuvoima10 - Really impressed with you with the little races you have done!

Best Qualifier - @exited - To what i remember he was always someone who was ready pounce on other drivers mistakes and was very consistent at qualifying highly

Most Consistent Driver - @Hampus Soderberg

Fairest Driver - @Tom Bridle - Had some really fun battles with you / Theres other honorable mentions too but my memory is extremely short

Best Overtaker - @Hampus Soderberg - Very nice race-craft, i can usually defend but you was always able to place your car perfectly

Best Defender - @berserkmir - You would honestly stress me out when i was behind you, not because i have anything against you but you was able to place the car very well!

Best Under Pressure - N/a

Unluckiest Driver [email protected] & @matt785shimmy - Both of you're very good drivers and i felt that the odds were against you guys.

Best Race - Jerez race 2, Really enjoyed that race, especially the battles i had with the finns ;)

Best Single Race Performance - N/a

Driver of the Season - @Hampus Soderberg - Who else could i say, made us look like amateurs :jawdrop:

Best Teammates - Maybe a bit biased here but im gonna say that especially in the early rounds, me and @Noztra put the team first and always was thinking for whats the best position we could achieve as a team. But will also say team suomi was mega and if they don't win S5 then ill be extremely shocked, pushed each other to the maximum!

Surprise of the Season - @Laakso not liking the fact that all the finns were fast, nah im joking but the finns really impressed me

Funniest Driver - @Noztra - "EUURRRRHHHHHH"

Driver to watch out for - @maxafc46 - Your name pops into my head first, for the little races you did you impressed me and proved a tough racer & i reckon you have very good pace if you was full time