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Mar 3, 2015
AOR ACL Audi TT Cup - Pit Lane Penalty App
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Good day all!

As you know, many of us feel the Assetto Corsa penalty system is sometimes too hard and it can't recognise if you gain an advantage or you had to go off track to dodge a crash. And after last race at Misano, we started to talk and tried to come up with a solution. Should we turn off the penalty system all together and then believe in all drivers? From our experience, this doesn't work and abusing track limits is still the case when noone is looking.

So, thanks to some great people who can make apps, we have decided to use an app called Pit Lane Penalty App (PLP). It as an app which detects your position on the track, your speed and maybe other stuff! From that it decides if you did get an advantage by corner cutting/extending or not.


  • changed maximum number of wheels that are allowed to go off track to 2
  • display of warning duration reduced to 5 second
  • reduced time of display of chat message from the app from other players to 5 seconds
  • changed penalty mode from drive throught to timed penalty - 10 seconds after 4th cut - written in server log and chat message
  • reduced time between another cut is detected to 3 seconds
  • added "amnesty lap" for lap 1 of the race - no warnings will be issued on lap 1
  • increased maximum time of a cut/extention to trigger a warning to 1,5 seconds - more than that, warning is not triggered
  • If the re-entry speed is higher than 70% of max. speed of the car, warning is given even if it takes longer to rejoin than maximum time of a cut/extention feature activated

Download the app HERE - version AOR_V1
Unzip the app into /assettocorsa/apps/python folder.

Here is the explanatory video of the app:

I have tested the app and it works like a treat. Here are some more info of what the app actually does:
  • Pit Lane Penalty is an app which detects race track cutting.
  • It will give you 3 warnings of cutting the track limits, and on the 4th occasion, will issue you with a drive-thru penalty.
  • You have 3 laps to serve this drive-thru.
Criteria the system uses for detecting track cuts:
  • Track cutting is defined as 3 or more wheels out of the track, using the AC cut detection.
  • Only cuts over 50 kph are registered.
  • If you are off-track for more than 1.3 seconds, or slow down to less than 90% of your track exit speed at any time while off-track before re-entering, a cut won't be registered. This is to stop accidents from registering as cuts. The app does detect high speed cuts that last longer than 1.3 seconds, where you don't slow down, as well.
  • You can no longer go full speed into the pits. If you do as we do now (full speed and the car starts to slow down automaticly after you actually cross the pit entry line) you get an instant drive thru penalty. Whit this app, you have to go equal or below the pit lane speed limmiter before the pit lane entry line.

If you already have PLP installed, you will still need to download the app from the link above and use our ini file.

Start Assetto Corsa, navigate to OPTIONS > GENERAL and then put a check next to PitLanePenalty to enable the app.

Join any race track, and begin the session so you are in the cockpit ready to drive.
Move your mouse pointer to the right hand side of the screen so the available apps display. Scroll down and select PIT LANE PENALTY to activate the app.
A small black window will pop up for 10 seconds. Move this window to your desired location. (I put mine in the virtual rear view mirror)
If you don't see the window, deactivate and reactivate the app again until you see it.

Some screenshots of what the app will show. (this is my virtual rear view mirror)

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