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PC AOR ACL Audi TT Cup - Race 2

Mattia Silva

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jan 9, 2017
Super annoyed, took it very easy two times in L1 and got taken out two times and dropped to dead last...
If stuff like that continues, I will quit this league as soon as possible, because 3 of 4 races until now were completely garbage for me, because other people drive as their monitor is turned off :(:(:(
we have too many drivers. thats will not work in any league. we should split into tiers
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Aug 14, 2017
For race 1 and my idiotic move into turn 2, I have no words. I am sorry to all people involved. The force feedback gave up in quali and at the start of the race. If you want to see, after the incident, the wheel completely gave up. After I reconnected to the server, it seemed fine.

But that is not an excuse, it never is. My type of incidents should never be accepted. I will take the penalty as harsh it may be. Even if it's harsher, I'll take it 100%. Even a race ban seems reasonable.

To add again, I am so sorry to all involved. I want to get the time back and not do it, but it is what it is, hopefully everyone will understand.
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David Siska

Formula 3 Test Driver
Mar 12, 2017
I would like to clarify these things quickly:

Sorry for the lag, it influenced my first race.

Second race - sorry @Meekstaaa !
I wanted to wait for you, but I didn't remember who was, that I pushed off the track. I let go a few cars, but didn't find you. I'll take any penalty, it was my fault.
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Formula 4 1st Driver
Apr 14, 2017
Positives: I didn't **** up the qualifying
Negatives: More connection problems (very similar what it seemed to be for @TheIceberg ) which trashed away first race. For the second race I got very good start and went to middle (if it seemed to have been too tight I'd have just lifted up). But that was binned by pile ups in first corner and I ended up with quite a bit damage all over the car. Understeer from the damaged car caught me off guard few times and I got drive-through in the second last lap. So not a great day by any means.. I quess I'll just come to have some fun for the future races, since otherwise these races just seems to ruin my monday evenings/nights.

Hampus Soderberg

AOR PC Assetto Corsa S4 & RallyCross S1 Champion
Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
Quali: Was definitely more tense than previous quali, knew that I needed a very good lap to be on pole, definitely not a given, ended up just about getting it, really bad sector 3 as I struggled in the last two corners (figured them out fairly early in the race.

Race 1: Was fun to be under pressure, Santsuke and I was probably quite similar in pace (as in quali), unfortunately he disconnected which was really sad to see, I know how I would feel if that had happened to me... ended up being a boring and fairly easy win, used the time to try to improve the driving which I wasn't too happy with until that point. Just had to calm down the driving a bit and be more precise.

Race 2: As in round 1, I wasn't trying anything too stupid, just followed the pack into turn 1, had a good gap in t1 to make up a couple of places, at the exit of t1 there was huge lag, and all of a sudden was bumping cars, tried my best to avoid things but had no idea what was going on with the lag. Luckily I didn't spin or anything as I had made sure to pretty much keep on the brake. I then had a clear road to get going again and ended up gaining a lot of position with just a lot of people off in the grass and spinning. Then it was just to try to overtake the next cars asap to not lose too much time to the front, was very good fun with those overtakes. In the end I got P3 which definitely was the maximum.

I think Race 2 is always going to be mayhem, slower cars in the front and faster guys at the back just means the field will bunch up and for those in the middle, it's just a very big task to not accidentally bump anyone. It's obviously another thing with the people who just go for stupid moves, but in the end of the day I think most incidents are just mistakes. Fortunately I have been able to have relatively clean races so far this season, I understand other people's frustration. I personally think 30 cars and reverse grid maybe isn't the best idea if you want clean races. I enjoy these races but overall, might be better options.
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Mattia Silva

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jan 9, 2017
I mean 19 Laps worth of fuel
But oh well nothing I can do but not make the same mistake:D
you need to do some laps for the game be able to calculate how much fuel you use. Altough you should be aware that you fuel consumption is not the same troughout the race. i always put more 1.5 laps of fuel to avoid those things. i was using more fuel during the race than in practise
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Mazy CZ

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
If some of you got Drive through penalty, you have the old version of Pit Lane Penalty App.

It was stressed out that before pre-season race, we have new version with +10sec timed penalty for 4 cuts/extends!

It is also written in every race thread in the OP to MAKE USRE YOU HAVE THE LATEST VERSIONS of PLP, tracks etc.
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Tom Bridle

Premium Member
Premium Member
Dec 28, 2016
Well the first half of that session went well, can't say the same for the second half.
Spent practice dialling in the car and just started to get to grips with the track at the end of practice but my PC decided to spend to evening giving me microstutters, fps was good, so I was a little on edge all session.

Qualifying I managed to string together a lap better I thought I could and just squeezed into third place, needless to say I was very happy with that. Didn't expect any higher than 10th!

Race 1 started off good, got off the line well but immediately felt the need to defend the inside line at T1, all went smoothly and started to pull a gap. Then my pace went up and down as I made a few mistakes which brought @Terence Grech into play and I had to defend quite a bit before he got past. I sat behind for a few laps and then had another go back at him which was some good racing to start. Eventually I dropped away as couldn't get past and the battling between us led @Keith Camilleri an @Mazy CZ to catch up. I managed to keep Keith behind but eventually I saw mazy got through him and started to work his way up to me. I think @Mazy CZ caught me 3 laps before the end where I proceeded to defend like my life depended on. Managed to hold him off until the last lap where I stupidly left the inside line open to him and he went through. I must say the racing up front 3 - 6 was spectacular and really good race craft. Was a pleasure to do battle with you all :)

@Mazy CZ my switch back on the final lap nearly paid off until I let you back through!

Finished off in 4th. One step of the podium

Race 2 however was just a mess. Was hoping to have a half decent results as I normally find myself I the right place during everyone elses wrong times. This time I got caught out by spinning and lagging cars on the T1 pile up. Nothing I could do to avoid. Got back underway and found myself racing with @Justin Mifsud who put up a good fight and I made a move up the inside, got too much on the curve and unsettled the car, ended up both me and Justin going off track. @Justin Mifsud very sorry about this I took a bit to much of a gamble and got caught up.

From then it was just a case of salvaging the best I could, made it up to about P18 after a nice little battle with @berserkmir on the closing laps.


F1 Test Driver
Sep 22, 2015
Okay, so an evening to forget. I have been very ill the last few days and after some practice I was feeling worse and my concentration dropped. Was relatively pleased with P12 in qualy, but as soon as I got racing I just couldn't keep pace and soon dropped back. I outbraked myself into T3 on lap 1 of race 1 and ended up on the grass to avoid hitting @Noztra . I knew from there it wasn't going to go well. Spent the rest of the night making mistakes all over the place and not enjoying it. Hopefully I'll be feeling a bit better next week.

Also, the reason I ignored my penalties was because I hadn't activated the app in the game screen (on the right hand side). So I didn't know I'd been given a penalty. So my fault and fully accept any time penalty.

I'm an idiot.

Flavus Periculum

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Oct 9, 2016
Practice wasn’t very good, a lot of cars on track and found myself fighting for track position which didn’t help as I went into the races without finding any rhythm. First race went quite well, avoided t3 incident on lap 1 and it took me about 6 or 7 laps to find any rhythm but then enjoyed a good battle with a couple of hoonigans.
Second race I was involved in a couple of incidents one of which was defo my fault. Still enjoyed the second race but finished well down the field due to aforementioned incidents.
I thought the server was again pretty poor this week, I saw a lot of cars bouncing into the track and a few dissappearing/reappearing and also others moving slowly forwards and backwards when their speed should have been constant.
On PS4 I never saw any of this, just a few drivers who lagged. Maybe it’s because there are too many drivers? or perhaps 2 or 3 with bad connections causing problems for the server?
I wouldn’t mind splitting into 2 leagues if it helps with lag problems.
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Premium Member
Premium Member
May 5, 2016
Worst race for me.2 fvcking stupid mistakes.
Race 1 forgot to put fuel:banghead::banghead::banghead:
Race 2 lost some positions to faster guys everything normal until @Mazy CZ passed me and then i braked tooo late i sent him off track(again i was a f****** stupid)
I'll open a case later today
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Mazy CZ

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
I had a blast yesterday!

When I first did some laps in practice and was 2.5 sec off the P1, I thought "well, this is not going to be any good result". Then lap after lap I got within that 0,3s until faster laps were ticked.

Quali didn't go so well, so I ended up around 12th. But after start I gained positions thanks to T2 incident ahead and was P6 I guess. I had @Keith Camilleri @Terence Grech and @Tom Bridle in front, not sure about the order now, but @Tom Bridle had a battle with one of the cars. That meant I could close them down. Tom actually passed that car and got some gap. I had nice battle with car in front and managed to pass him. -> P4, then I closed down on @Tom Bridle and we had awesome battle 3 laps to go. I had 2 attempts on him but he got me covered, but on the last lap into T2 I managed to hold the car side by side and eventually got in front.

Race 2 didn't go aswell, I tried to avoid the incident at T1, but a car appeared in front of me on the middle of the track where I was going as there was nobody there. So I went to the grass and rejoined. Hunt was on. I passed many cars and each battle was really nice, especially into T1 and T2. Until I passed @R.Macieira . I was hit by him into T5 and I saw him coming hot and tried to avoid it but it was too late :( So all positions I gained was lost imediatelly. Well, dug deep and overtook some cars again until I got stucked behind @maxafc46 . To be honest, at that race, I really thought some of your defensive moves were too much. One time at T2 I thought you actually blocked me by not turning into the apex. But the main problem I has is that you went wide into T5 twice and I was on the inside well side by side and you just came back at me and closed the door. Was lucky that I braked otherwise we would end up spinning. It happened twice so I was not really happy about that. But I will look at the replay and see it again.

So overall, really enjoyed that race as I was on the hunt most of the time pushing hard.

Final word, I still think that some drivers go for overtakes/defending in situations where they have no idea about how it will end.
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