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PC AOR ACL Audi TT Cup - Team Sign Ups

Astrit Arsllani

GP2 Reserve Driver
May 6, 2016
Wazzaap Racing!

Driver #1 : Astrit Arsllani #199
Driver #2 :
Driver #3 :

those who are left without a team can join in my team!
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Niclas Domino

iRacing Overlay Designer & AC Skin Creator
Staff member
iRacing Coordinator
Jul 31, 2016
Skin/Teams update
Hey i have bin hard at work with skins over the last weak, as i hade that weak off, but i still need some info from some teams.
If you are not on a team you will be given a default skin.

All skins skill needs to be bug fixet, for small og big fails :D

Teams (don)
Team Audi Sport
Stark Industries
Marlboro Racing Team
Neon Racing
Grey Goose Racing
Evo Racing Team
Teams (Work in progses)
Hoonigan Racing #1
Hoonigan Racing #2
Teams that need to sign up for skins/teams
RPM eSports
Wazzaap Racing!

Skins/Team sign ups will be closed the 31/10
So if i dont have you in my sheets, then you will have default skins, this sign up is for all also if you are doing them your self
Link to the applikation Here

To all that are making there skins your self i need the filles send by the 4/10 and in psd fills pls

Cya all on the track :)