PS4 - AOR F3 Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix - 3/12/17 @ 8PM UK |

PS4 AOR F3 Round 8 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix - 3/12/17 @ 8PM UK


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Apr 4, 2015
I don't even know why I f*cking bother with this game.

No pace in Quali, despite my best time that would've put me on P2.

Start was bullshit... got a good one, then had a Ferrari back into me into T1 forcing me to basically stop, giving up positions.
Spent my first stint in a bit of a train, pitted for Soft, then in the 3 laps AFTER... I manage to completely kill my race. Spent the rest playing catch-up.

Finished P9... should've been in the hunt for a podium. Oh well.

Onto Austria, where I can yet again get flattened.

Sertac Karatepe

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Oct 29, 2017

Skip to 19.22 and watch it until 20.11. And if you bother to watch it, you'll see the unpleasant and ugly behavior of @iceman82100

I apologize from all of you for my rage at main thread. It was very nice to race with you guys. But, unfortunately, I cannot race with this guy anymore.


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Nov 5, 2017
Q: 3rd.
I invited kaystyleeee in my inlap of my first run and the AI just drove past the pits.. P3 was good, but Pole would have been possible at least if I had a good second lap close to the end of the Q

R: 6th
Decent start, nothing too spectacular.. In round 2 i hit the wall and got wing damage due to my own mistake.. I had no chance to compete with you guys and a yellow wing there.. Unbelievable how everyone was about the same pace there in the top 6 or 7. Great battling and good overtaking on me there everyone ;)
After my wing change I was 10sec behind the pack and tried to push.. The gap stayed almost the same for a couple of laps so I just drove it home.. alone.. for half an hour..


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Jan 1, 2017
Race Report:
Qualifying - P8
Race - P8
My best quali lap was ok, I was 2 tenths up on my last lap but bottled it at the castle section so I was starting P8.
Slightly missed the start but managed to get up the inside of @Bankai_Bullett at T1 as he was held up by the cars in front however @Nexus1011 managed to get through. Later that lap, I was also overtaken by @Digsha. On lap 2, I had to pause the game as I got a message on my TV saying it was going to shut down so I had to sort that out, as soon as I got back to the race @Bankai_Bullett waof the s close behind and managed to get by just before S2.
On lap 3, the front pack was pulling away, and then I made a mistake at the castle section where I hit the inside barrier, on the exit I had decent traction and managed to stay ahead of the 2 cars behind and then saw a glimpse of their collision and was surprised to see them facing in the right direction tbh. After that mistake, I had red wing damage so had to pit and went onto softs rather than mediums in case I made another mistake.
From then till lap 12 I was just trying to manage the gap to @Digsha ahead but then he had an issue and pitted and after that I was just cruising for the rest of the race trying not to make a mistake, went onto supers on lap 16 and took them to the end with no more major dramas. Brought the car home in P8, I don't thik the incident would've made a difference to my position as I wasn't really on the pace in the race, so I'll take the points and look forward to Austria.
Congrats to @Callum Phillips on the win and @mazais5727 and @oo7_pROF3SSIONAL on the podium.

Callum Phillips

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May 13, 2017
1) Were you surprised to see dry conditions in Canada, or did you bank on the entire session being dry?

Nah not really lol, I wanted it to be a dry race anyway.

2) Tell everyone your thoughts on Baku and how confident you feel you can put in a good result here.

Baku is alright, I can get solid points here I think

3) Now that we have several races under our belt, who on track do you feel is your biggest rival?

To be honest I don’t have a damn clue who my rival is, haven’t really been paying attention to who I’m battling lol. EVERYONE IS MY RIVAL.

4) Predict the following positions :
Polesitter / Time: @mazais5727 1.40....
Winner: @mazais5727
3rd: @Jonas-NHK
First DNF: @Callum Phillips