AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 7: Zolder |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 7: Zolder


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Jan 16, 2014
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Jan 29, 2014
I have had quite a few official races in the hope to get a decent result tonight but seems I am going to be bang on average again :D

SF Schumri

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Apr 14, 2014
Just a word to everyone who tries to overtake at impossible places...Are Okayama Brands Hatch etc not enough to not take any risk?

Last chicane in Zolder is not a place to put your noise... If you make a pass, put half of your car near your competitor. Your noise is not a right to leave space. That is just dangerous and will be an easy crash.

I also apologyse for race 2 turn 1. Just can see absolutely nothing (I was through a car and can control nothing)... I see the crash why everyone didn't calm the game behind? Everyone just try To put is car in every space also when a fly cannot pass...

Just think guys before driving.


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Jan 13, 2014
(from wrong thread!)

Sincere apologies to @Robert Plumley as explained I was expecting your car to go across the circuit upon your rejoin. Also to @Christian Koch on lap 1, that's not the first time I've had an incident at that corner in my time at Zolder. Glad we appeared to get through it unscathed (although I'm sure you're not too satisfied with the manner of the pass)

Apart from that I had a better run than expected. If I actually got a qualifying lap in (second time in three race nights I've blown it), top 5 might have been possible. The sprint was progressing nicely as well until my run in.

Triple screens making the world of difference in the opening stages of the races.

Gunar Nijenhuis

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Sep 2, 2015
First full race night with the Rift - THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!

So the track felt absolutely horrible today for me personally. In practice I didnt even get 1 good lap in so that was not looking good. To my surprise qualified as 2nd. Then the race, lights went out and it was scary, really really scary :p THe imersion is unbelievable in race situations.

Anyway, all those cars around more distracted me a lot so started making some mistakes. Then spun and was in P5. In the final stages of the race Kris and I were closing in on Jouni (because Jouni had damage) and we were both able to pass him so P3 it was in my first rift race!
Unfortunately when trying to pass Jouni in a pretty safe spot, it looked like he came a bit to the right and we touched. According to my brother, wathcing the stream, it looked more like netcode. Which was VERY unfrotunate because it was a 4X so ended up with 14 incs... only half points for this race, which feels very unfair. stupid rule :p

Sprint race was even more scary at times, braking points being 100 meter before I usualy brake, but I survived and p4 in race 2. Best race "weekend" so far this season. Really happy!


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Jan 16, 2014

Didn't happen again. I sure do suck. :D

Race 1: It wasn't great to be honest. I think I may have killed someone (not sure what happened, going to have a look back and will update accordingly) at the final chicane early on, which meant I had to pit on lap 2. After that, it was a case of trying really hard to just do good laps... Which wasn't really happening. Got to a point where I then decided not to pay full attention and unfortunately smashed into the back of @Silvio who was doing a nice thing and letting me through. It was a really unfortunate culmination of small events that caused me to do that. Apologies to Silvio! I don't usually expect people to be letting others through with such a large gap, but I know Silvio usually does so I should have been more aware.

Race 2: Pretty decent really. Made some good moves here, some others there, and made my way up to 10th, and then got behind @xII robo IIx who unfortunately spun at the first hairpin which caused me to jump over the kerbs and have a slight amount of damage which pretty much put hold on any chance of catching the leaders. Still haven't had a completely clean sprint race, but this one was much closer to no incident. I see that there were quite a few incidents in this one.

Silverstone Historic next.... Woooo.
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Jan 13, 2014
Not much too say...just a day filled with drama

Q: had decent pace on this track all week so p9 was a pretty decent lap..lost 2 tenths somewhere around the lap but still it was decent....finally didn't bin my 2nd lap so thats some positive to take away from zolder

R1 feature: adam was lagging a little bit which caught me a bit on my focus and since he defended the inside pretty much I had to go really really really inside for t1...made the move but on exit I dont know what happened...maybe a touch with him or a spun on my own I haven't looked back my replay...ran into the gaurdrail and my steering wheel was was hard to keep straight under braking...made it to the pit after some massive crash in the finale chicane :S don't know what happened there but got run into the back LOL....took the pit and take a 2 minute repair LOL :D car was still not so good and was already a lap down or 2 i dont know tbh...then after that I was somehow in a battle with vicsalt and someone else who lost it on the hairpin so i ran into vic his back i guess sorry about that m8 :( then I took another pitstop and repair and my car felt decent enough....then I just did my consistent the final 10/15 laps I was between Koch and Tye and I was staying well ahead of I was gutted cause it showed I had the pace for 6th in that race :(

R2 sprint: good clean start and some fun battles...overtook kristian takacs and he overtook me again...jfg made a mistake and he was behind me..then he pulled the move in the chicane and I tried to stay ahead of him...unfortunately i got hit on my left rear but it was not jfg his fault he went as far left as he could so bit of an unfortunate one...after that I was spun around somewhere and I got hit but harm was already done so no worries about that...just did some boring laps with massive understeer hahahaha was pointless but oh 50th race was a disaster but the good news is it was only my 47th race in the FR :D :D so move on to silverstone...

oh yeah almost forgot SORRY SILVIO!!!! I completely misjudged my pace on pit entry so I hit you in the rear I guess (if it was you) :( gonne hang myself right now BYE! :D

The Genius

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Sep 30, 2014
So happy for this result!!!
Will probably write a bit more after i come back from this dream... :)
Well deserved!
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