AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S5 - Round 9: Montreal |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S5 - Round 9: Montreal


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Jan 13, 2014
always the germans who scoop the victory in the dying seconds... :D haha congratz @Osterkamp you did great :)

Q: as usual screwed my 2nd and 3rd lap I cannot believe I did that was on a 33.3 at least but spun it at the hairpin twice I couldn't get that corner right all night :(

R1: tried to take it easy and follow @FisiFan91 but unfortunately I got stuck in a battle with @Hoff he outbraked himself lost the rear and then I did a poor job in avoiding his spinning car so I had major FW damage...pretty much race over as I lost 1,5 seconds a lap at I was just cruising around and taking it to the finishline.....which got me 6th for the sprintrace...

R2: I was taking the tight line for turn 2 and it allready brought me into p4...and then Stevie missed the chicane and waldo was a bit compromised by I decided to follow @StevieSQ and just when I decided to take the line behind @The Genius for the second tight chicane he lost the car and spun to the left which just gave me p1....and I was flabbergasted that I managed to for once avoid all the carnage :D

then I was looking at my relatives and I already saw @Osterkamp on it so I tried to gain as much time in the opening laps when he was still behind some cars...but he cleared them pretty fast and then I cold hold the gap to 5 seconds for a couple of laps...but then I was getting nervous because I thought ok...i can win this if i nail the mid 33 laptimes....but I was making small mistakes at one point I even had a 0x contact on the wall....and then the gap was 4 seconds...and it was slowly getting smaller and smaller...and then when he was 1.4 behind or so...i Lost the rear on the exit of the hairpin so he had a really easy pass there....I tried to hang on to his gearbox...and only could get on 0.5 0.4 but he wasnt getting nervous :) so he easily secured the win in the end....1,3 seconds away from a victory :eek: I think I can't sleep for a while tonight haha

but well congratz with the victory Rene very good effort...and als @Kez nice job on 3rd!

see ya at brandsssss next week
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Mar 4, 2015
Probably @Ycoms will be all of a sudden 0.5 faster in qualify as always and he will snatch pole again :D
Close enough. :p

I'm so over the moon with tonight, finally was able to keep the car on the road for once (I should probably start doing at least one official race like I did today) and had good pace. Don't know what happened in quali again, just topped my PB by over 4 tenths. xD Luckily got a good rhythm early on in the race before I had some minor slides which eventually cost me positions to @Christian Koch and @Synergi. Didn't bother though, I just wanted to not fall off. Unfortunately I had a 1.5 m lag contact with @Osterkamp which ruined his front wing (hey, at least that gave you the win in the 2nd race :p). After that it was a lonely race, in the end only trying to control the gap to Christian behind and finishing on that podium. Wasn't even interested when @Scott Newton suddenly appeared right in front of my nose again.
Congrats to Kristian on a first ever win (!!!!) and Scott for incredible pace overall!

Unfortunately that sprint race happened, I feel with Waldo since I caused one earlier this season as well. **** happens, we've proven in recent weeks the changes the stewards made definitely lead to less "big ones" combined with more experience for all drivers, so let's move on.


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Jan 13, 2014
Pace wasn't spectacular but achieved pretty much the maximum results in both races. I've been an idiot and been putting off having treatment on a tooth for a few months, and last night the tooth decided to betray me and has left me in agony since then.. it was getting to the point where I wasn't feeling able to take part tonight. I started the session in VR but couldn't complete a lap without feeling sick, so spent most of the session moving back over to my triple monitors and tweaking my settings. I went into qualifying with my camera settings still not quite right and my LEDs on my CSR weren't showing up, so I had to rely on engine sound for the shift points. So all in all, probably the best preparation I've ever had.

Qualifying was pretty bog standard really. I was happy to get in the 1:33s on my first attempt. I ended up 16th or 17th though.

I don't even know how I ended up 5th in the feature, but I was able to take advantage of people up front falling by the wayside and I jumped up a few spots across the pit stop phase too.

I avoided the big one in the sprint! Then I got involved in a tough scrap with @Jeroen de Quartel and @Scott Newton which was hard, fair but clean racing. Got the break and then sneaked past @Richtofen for 4th and then @camo for 3rd. I nearly threw it away on the penultamite lap, which gave @Christian Koch a run in the final lap but fortunately held on for the podium.

A decent night all in all, and well done to @Synergi and @Osterkamp on the victories tonight.


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Aug 11, 2015
Well I'm not sure where to start, but I think I actually WON a race :joyful:
I still can't believe it, its been a long time since I joined and I have been hunting for a 1st place for so long and now it finally happened!!! Might have had a tear in my eye, but I won't confirm that!

It was a close Q, and as usual I'm incapable of driving at a decent pace in the first few laps so I dropped back to 4th and and @McPhilen could have made a pass attempt, but choose not to. Rene was also pretty close at one point.

After a few laps I got my act together and got past @Ycoms. Started closing down on @Christian Koch and then he a had a moment with a wall and I got past. There was still a 4 sec gap up to @Scott Newton and that gap pretty much stayed like that until he had an unfortunate spin not long after his pit. Then I was up into 1st and from there on it was all about driving as calmly and smooth as possible. I wanted to have a go at a fastest lap, but I threw that idea out the window pretty fast. No risks taken.

Now how about we get this fixed @Minimariner :D

Gratz to Scott and Christoph for the podium, and gratz to @Osterkamp @Lorrentz and @Kez for the sprint.
Sprint was like all the others I guess. Spin, front wing damage etc so wont go on about that.


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Dec 22, 2016
Had a pretty good night all in. Best ever quail, in 10th but I binned it on lap 1, putting me last. I had fun cutting my way through the field though and I wasn't too annoyed about it as I knew I'd probably get a better starting position in the sprint.

The sprint itself was a lotta fun. Managed to drive round the carnage into 3rd spot, passing @BenScott4 a lap later, (Actually had quite a nice battle with him in the feature as well), couldn't hold off the quicker guys coming through but I tried not to make it too easy. A bit of contact between myself and @Jeroen de Quartel put me on the grass at the chicane, which I was initially annoyed about but in the end I took no damage and finished pretty much where I would have regardless, and he also apologised after the race, so no harm no foul.

Really enjoyed tonight all round, especially after my exams at uni.

Christian Koch

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Apr 5, 2016
Guys, this race night was incredible!
Where the hell did @Ycoms and @Scott Newton come from in qualifying?!? After the training i though i could finally fight for a pole, but P4 was quite surprising after doing a quite ok final quali lap.

Race start was good with being able to take @Synergi 's position away and maybe able to fight for the race win; but i had a little rendezvous with a wall and had to change front wing in the pits costing me exactly 13 seconds...P4 afterall was ok with that failure.
Congratulations @Synergi for your first win! Big win, bigly, fantastic :) :)

Sprint race was a thriller with really close fights with Patrick and Scott for a few laps. Had to defend hard there to finally be able to secure position; Again, P4...i'll take that, although P3 could have been in reach from @Kez , which was a close call last corner last lap.
Great fun guys!!

We did a little calculation in the chat now and we think the championship is crazy close with P1 to P5 only apart by 25 points after drop weeks; is that right? Crazy ^^

Scott Newton

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Feb 26, 2017
Looking at the times in the practice session on Friday I thought how am I going to find the pace as I normally practice in warmer weather. Managed to get within 2.5 tenths in the race server practice on race fuel so I though I had a shot at Top 3 on the grid. Took the fuel out and had an ok banker lap (33.599) and put a lap that I thought would be close to Pole but certainly didnt expect to get it.

Christian Koch said:
Where the hell did @Ycoms and @Scott Newton come from in qualifying?!?
Practice weather for me last sunday was close to the weather in the race and managed to put a solid lap together.

Pole Position Lap:

The start of the feature race was fairly good, managed to hold off the challenge from @Ycoms, @Synergi and @Christian Koch and pulled a 3-4sec gap to the pitstop and put in some consistent laps during the race. Had a solid pitstop and retained the 4sec lead that I had. Lap 20 everything felt normal, was being consistent had around 4 sec lead to Kristian behind me. Coming into T8/9 just went in a touch wide of the kerb and was a bit sideways and trying to put the power down the tyres just said Nope... and lost the car at T9. In the end the spin cost me the lead but managed to stay P2 until the end.

Congrats to @Synergi on the Win, Ultimately did the better job and deserved the Win. Also to @Ycoms rounding out the podium.

Not sure if @Osterkamp's fastest lap was with draft but to have the 2nd quickest time overall was not too shabby.

Cant believe I threw that away...ffs :cry:. A chance like that doesn't come around that often.

Sprint Race:
Started P21 and had a cautious start through T1-4, Going through T5 I managed to stay left and avoid all of the carnage and end up P9 at the end of L1. Had some great battles with @Christian Koch, @Kez, @Patrick Kessler, @Jeroen de Quartel @Richtofen and managed P5 at the finish.

Happy to get 40 points towards my championship and being the first Australian onto the Podium but could have been the top step.

On to Brands Hatch next week. Not sure how my pace will be next week as I am tearing down my old rig and setting up my new 80/20 rig so it may be touch and go whether I am on the grid next week but I hope to be there.

Also if you wanted to get some running for Monza which is the final round of AOR there is the F1 WCS support race Saturday at 1100GMT although its in morning conditions.
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Jan 14, 2014
Decent quali. Race settled into a battle with Kerry, Andy and Fis hanging back. I hung onto the back of an injured Kerry early on until I made a mistake and lost him. I stayed ahead of Andy until he pitted. While I stayed out, I cut the final chicane and got a slow down, which consequently meant I was behind both Andy and Fisi after the pit sequence.
Overtook Fis when he mounted the final chicane, but a couple laps later I cut the final chicane again. Last couple of laps and caught right back up to him - for a chance onto the back straight, but wasn't close enough, I pushed on exit but couldn't get there. 11th n 12th for the team. Gid radio comms though eh @FisiFan91

Sprint race I nearly caused a pile up before the pile up as I saved a slide on exit of Turn 2 and people went either side of me. I was still recovering from that as i went slow through the first chicane. I was alongside Jeroen, unfortunately I was on the right side of the track - and we all know the fate of the drivers on the right side of the track.
I somehow got away with only front wing damage- pitted and was like 25secs behind Daniel who didn't pit for damage. I was last car on track at this point, but I ploughed away dong good laps with no pressure and caught Daniel for 15th, needed a couple of laps for Silvio but aye well - lucky I was still in the race.

Unfortunately two good finished for @camo means he moves back ahead of me on career points lol

And am very happy for @Synergi to get his first win - I don't know who wouldn't be happy as he's such a nice guy, well done mate ;)