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AOR Forza Stewards Room Information

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Nov 17, 2018
If you have an incident to report please create a thread here using the "post thread" option in the bottom right.

Incidents must be reported within 48 hours of the end of the event in question.

If its a minor incident which you feel may not receive any form of penalty, then perhaps consider discussing the incident with the drivers involved rather than reporting it.

You follow the template below when reporting an incident:

League: [the league the incident took place e.g. TCC or EFRs]
League Coordinator: [Please tag an AOR Forza staff member using the @ function e.g. GTR FOZ, TUS Dunc, GTR Tyskie, DOR Martxn]
Date: [The date the incident took place]
Drivers Involved: [Please tag all drivers involved in the incident reported using the @ function]
Describtion: [Enter a quick statement of the incident from your perspective. Remain unbiased, civil and don't request certain penalties to be handed out]
Evidence: [Embed or link a clip of a replay or any stream. The clip must be of good quality showing as much of the incident as possible, including telemetry and view from all drivers involved. If you link to a gameclip or stream please ensure the footage is and will remain visible for the stewards]

Empty template:

League Coordinator:
Drivers Involved:
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