PS4 - AOR Ginetta Junior League - R5 - FINALE - Brands Hatch GP - 20/02/2018 - 8.000pm - UK-Time |

PS4 AOR Ginetta Junior League - R5 - FINALE - Brands Hatch GP - 20/02/2018 - 8.000pm - UK-Time


F1 1st Driver
Apr 4, 2015
Great championship guys

Race 1


I knew i would be in trouble in quali because didn't practice until 20mins before the race, had been to busy all weekend with trying to figure out why my game kept crashing after the patch.

Managed to get 3rd which was good enough for me, so i attacked right from the start got into 2nd place then @The_Kaiser-MSc hit the kerb and went off so i inherited the lead, on the exit of turn 1 i got a insanely strict 2sec penalty even tho i still had two wheels on the track so i refused to slow down because i thought it was bull-shavig lol. A lap or so later @Phoenix_ was behind me going into turn 2 and i went to turn in and got hit from the rear but i know it wasn't on purpose. Me @The_Kaiser-MSc and @Phoenix_ had a good battle the near the end of the race me and @The_Kaiser-MSc had contact i thought i left enough space not to sure haven't watched it back yet but it allowed @Phoenix_ to break away i crossed the the line 2nd but finished 3rd after the penalty. Even tho some of these incidents probably cost me the championship i cant be bothered with stewards just want to focus on the GT3's now.

Race 2

Crazy start me @Phoenix_ and @Walter---79 were 3 wide going into the last corner and i was right up against the white line when me and @Walter---79 made the slightest contact which sent me spinning into phoenix so after that it was just damage limitation i had a great fight with @pete day most of the race but we made contact at turn 1 and he went off so i waited because i thought i was at fault, but the best moment of Race 2 has got to be probably my best save ever i was fully sideways drifting it and managed not to hit the wall.

Only negatives for me all season was the incident with @Porfuera and i think Race 2 should of been reverse of Race 1 order

Had fun but its GT3 time now congrats to @The_Kaiser-MSc