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AOR Graphics Design Competition - Win a GT Omega Chair!

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Jan 12, 2014
AOR Graphics Competition Header.png

Calling all graphics designers - this is your chance to put your look on AOR!

In celebration of our improved AOR V3 forum style, we would like to freshen up our website graphics as well - which includes the site header and background. So we've decided to hold a competition for any talented graphics designers out there to show us what you can do and come up with the new graphical design for the site!

The person who comes up with the best design (as judged by our site staff) will win an awesome GT Omega Pro Office Chair in the colour of their choosing, and also have their design become a prominent part of the AOR website for the foreseeable future!

Note: GT Omega will provide free postage within the UK, but if the chair is to be shipped to a location outside the UK, the postage fee would have to be covered by the prize winner.

What you must do to enter:
Create a header and background that can be used to spice up the look of the AOR website! The graphics must match the specs and requirements below:

Header requirements:
● Dimensions must be 1200 x 212 pixels
● Must include the AOR logo (download in the resources below)
● Should preferably include the slogan "Clean, Fair and Competitive Online Racing"

Background requirements:
● Dimensions must be 1920 x 1080 pixels
● The edges on the left and right of the image are the most important, as this is what will be visible when displayed on the website. Check the resources at the bottom of this post for an overlay that helps to show which parts of the image is most likely to be visible.

Some general pointers:
● The header and background should preferably be coherent in style, so that they go well together when displayed on the website. Also think about how they will look alongside the rest of the website/forum skin.
● AOR has historically been branded by red and/or light blue colours - it is not a requirement to carry on this trend if you think you can come up with something better, but it could be smart to keep in mind.
● Keep in mind what kind of leagues we are running here - F1 and GT3 racing leagues being the biggest ones currently - so the design should be racing-related.
● You don't necessarily need to make the design too detailed or complicated. A neat and simple design can often look better than an overly complicated one.
● Beyond this and the requirements below, creative freedom is encouraged!

How to submit your images:
Submit your completed designs for entry by sending a private message to @Dan Hawkins and myself (@FisiFan91), with your images attached.

The competition will end on Sunday 13th March @ 10pm UK time, so make sure you have your images sent in by then!

PS: Note that - in order to win the competition - the winning design needs to be judged by us as being more visually pleasing than the current header & background, so that we would actually want to use them on the site! As well as being judged as the best of the entries of course.

You can find some helpful resources below.

AOR Logo:

AOR Logo Black.png

Background visible areas guideline:

AOR Background Visible Area.jpg

Background visible areas overlay:

AOR Background Visible Area DL.png
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AOR Midg3t

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Jan 14, 2014
i always asked myself why i didnt do well in graphics class in high school, then i remembered im **** at it...wish i could do this tho

Dan Hawkins

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Aug 18, 2014
For anyone who wants to visualise their ideas more, here is a .PSD template to insert your ideas on.

TIP - ALWAYS save in .AI or .PSD format, so we can vector the image and reuse it in ads etc.

This template isn't an exact to size guide, just a template to help picture your ideas....

TIP 2 - Always create layers under the main screen display, else your image will overlap the edges.


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