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PS4 AOR GT Sport League Season 7 - Gr.2 Super GT - MAIN DISCUSSION

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Gareth Kirk

Formula 4 1st Driver
Dec 2, 2015

Think best start something here ermmmmmmm

How was everyone's race last night?


F1 Senna Equivalent
Staff member
GT Coordinator
Mar 12, 2016
I had a wonderful race. Well the last 2/3 was. The first 1/3 I swear I was more off track than on. It almost felt like the car went left, when I was trying to go right and opposite. It made me feel inadequate, in-talented, miserable and sad. I could really have needed a hug. But did I get one? No once again I had to pull myself up by the hair like an other Münchhausen. All by hair has almost left me just because of that. But what really makes me wonder is why the hell it has to start growing again from my nose and ears.
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F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
pretty much explains my race, with such fine margins any disruption to your race leaves you at a loss especially when your going to 1 stop. Not sure if the big yellow car is visible enough in this game :LOL: might have to try one of those crazy orange colours:geek:

actual audio of @BL99DY-NINE ;-)
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