PC - AOR GT3 Elite - R3: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 05/04/2017 @ 7:45pm | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC AOR GT3 Elite - R3: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca 05/04/2017 @ 7:45pm


Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 5, 2016
Idk if I should tell as a reserve either but Im working tonight and will be watching the stream from work. Good luck :)

Mr AlcoN

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Jul 18, 2015
Hello guys!
Looking forward to tonight's race! :)
Would like to go with RUF as my choice of car if ok? :)
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F1 Test Driver
Jul 17, 2015
Hi guys. Im very sick with food poison so i cant race tonight. Im terrible sorry and really looked forward to this race.



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Jan 14, 2014
I hate to say this, but I wont be able to participate tonight. My PC is broken(ish). It decides to turn off whenever it wants and then turn on again. I have ordered a new power supply so I should be good for next week. Really annoying because I'm not off to a very good start...



Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 5, 2016
The session is about to start and still no sign of that any reserves can race tonight?
Not that I will but still reserves have to know if they can participate today right? Like last week.


Semi-Pro Karter
Mar 4, 2017
Nothing good tonight, S*** happens...
Never managed to make a decent time on qualifications, then making a mistake on restart procedure on how to join the right place, collided on lap 2 after a careful start, having a first penalty on corkscrew just thinking being on a safe line behind a competitor, not as fast as I expected on first part of the race, then making another error on the same turn on lap 21 missing my braking point as I was expected to reach 9th or 8th place if I remember, spinning just in front of @Rillo (I assume) how can't avoid hitting myself just a little bit fortunately (So sorry !). The following is a series of errors and penalties until the checkered flag only for a bad 12th place.

Nota : It wasn't a good idea to explode panel '2' as my braking mark on turn 5... :rage:


S3 AOR PC Endurance GTE Tier 2 Champion
Oct 12, 2016
What a disaster... At the start, I forgot about the ghost car but managed to swerve around it, almost hitting the wall. I got away unscathed, but hit a spinning car full-on in turn 1. Having suspension damage pulling the car to the right, I decided to enter the pits and get it over with. Entering the pits, I realized I hadn't set up a pit strategy! Not remembering exactly what pressures the tires were set to, I quickly adjusted the tire pressures to approximate numbers. The effects were immediately noticeable, with a front right tire hitting 115. It wasn't long before I lost control over the car and hit a wall. While entering the pits for the second time, I adjusted the front right tire pressure and went out again. After one lap, I saw my rears were not warming up... Staying well below 80 degrees, I figured it would cost even more time to enter again and stayed out with an oversteering car. This, of course, led to another crash after which I entered pit lane for the third time, now completely giving up any hope of catching up with anybody. After adjusting (still too cold) I tried to stay out of everybody's way while continuing the race. At one point, I got 'stuck' behind a limping McLaren. Figuring I'd just upset his pace trying to overtake him, I backed out and cruised on behind him. Eventualy, he lost the car and I passed him. At this point, I wasn't able to muster up the focus to try and drive a decent lap anymore, just counting down the laps to go.. Near the end, I accidentally rammed into the back of @jam_my21, not able to see down the corkscrew while he lost a lot of speed. Sorry, mate! Luckily he had noone threatening his position behind him. I sighed in relief when the race ended. Sorry @Novey , I know you looked forward to seeing the Bentley do some decent times here, but I screwed up!
See you all next week!
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Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 5, 2016
Interesting start and an awkward race but its all good :) the outcome is great.

@Hetharion We'll bounce back next week.
Your times were good :) just need to prepare before the race. Hope to practice with you.
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Sep 15, 2016
Race Report !

Yesterday was a race not to forget. Had such great fun battling with @Enzo

Qualification did not went bad i must say. The SLS is capable of doing at least 1 decent fast lap but the tire drop combined with racefuel load is terrible. I qualified 6th and that was way more ahead then i was hoping for. This may also be because of abscence of multiple drivers this race. Anyway 1.21.100 is not bad at all.

Then the race of 50 laps starts... I just only could hope for errors from drivers in front of me because there was a pace difference of 0.5sec a lap or something so first half of the race i had a gap to front of around 5 to 8 sec and behind me @Enzo was steaming his way to my beautifull Benzass :p
After 20 laps he managed to get closer and closer and in lap 25 we both entered pit for some fresh needed tires. Getting out just 1sec behind me this could be a very heavy battle......and it was !
25 laps we were so close that one little mistake would mean a position switch. In those 25 laps we also had to pass some backmarkers and thats where my little mistake happened in the corkscrew. I tried to pass @Enzo a few times after that but this car is just not suitable for corner overtaking so i had to be very carefull to not make any contact. After 25 laps of intense racing i had to put on a fresh Tshirt and still very happy about a P7 at the end.

gratz to winner @C. Tscharf !
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1-time AOR PC GT3 Pro Champion
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Jun 21, 2016
Congrats to the winner and podium placers!

Fell asleep twice in the race. Once exiting the pit when i almost hit the wall

We should do something about the attendancy and filling the grid. More drivers on the grid means more action through out the field and race lenght.

@Enzo @Gxbbs

@CrazyBee no worries i got some damage but it didn't make any difference for the outcome. I guess you missjudged the breaking point or you were drunk

See you next week


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Feb 10, 2016
Well after a strong 4th place last week at Brno, I was looking for a similar result here to fully make up for my disaster of a race at Monza. I'd been feeling fairly confident all weekend, but had to take a couple of days off while I finished some university work. When I got back in the car on race day, it felt completely different and I struggled to even put 5 laps together without ending myself on a curb.

This continued into quali, I couldn't put a lap together and ended up half a second down on my pb, luckily the low turnout combined with the Z4's inherent pace at this track to give me 5th despite a bad quali. Into the race my only aim was to keep the car on the track and ensure I kept 5th, I had no confidence in the car and expected the top 4 to all pull away fairly rapidly. In the first few laps I was able to stay on the back of my teammate @GodfatherofShift and follow his lines to try and generate some confidence, but then both he and @Suomy made mistakes and I was able to jump up to 3rd through no effort on my part.

From there it was all about trying to extend the gap as the two cars behind battled, by the time we came to the pitstop phase I had managed to pull around 5 or 6 seconds giving me ample room to pit when I wanted to. I came out of the pits still in a net 3rd and had @Suomy about 4 seconds behind me, for the next 10 or 12 laps the gap remained pretty much constant as the warmer conditions gave me more grip and confidence to hit the sort of times I'd been doing earlier in the week. At lap 40 or so @Suomy made another mistake and that ensured I would have a 10 lap cruise to the finish to take my 2nd podium in the elite league. :happy:

Thanks to my strong performances in the last 2 races I think I have more points after 3 races this season than I had at this same point last season, which I didn't think would happen after Monza. I also didn't expect this to be the track where I could get the podium I've been targeting, logic would say I should target a win now but as long as @C. Tscharf or @Nova turn up to a race that's off the table. So I suppose the target will be to get another podium this season, then I can definitely say that I've improved since last season.

Congrats to @C. Tscharf and @Nova once again, your pace was immense in this race as it has been in every race so far.

See you all next week at Snetter**** where I look forward to seeing how many people kill themselves at the last corner. :)


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 9, 2017
it was a sad race for me... in quali everything worked fine, did a nice laptime, car felt good, all fine. but well.. told Hideaki and tscharf about my bad Feeling right bevor the Lobby needed to restart... and then i got ffb in warmup... changed Setup a Little, tried again, ffb... changed again and it was fixed.. but as the race start, i got it again...
tried to deal with that new strange feeling, and had a great battle with soumy, but simply did too many mistakes. 2 Penalty, 3 times spin out.. my fight for Podium was over, and just tried to Keep p5, just like ast race after i got damage by these damn tyres..

but im really glad, Hideaki made it! was a great Job :)

C. Tscharf

AOR PC GT3 Elite S7 Champion
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Jul 28, 2016
thanks guys :)

Qualifying went alright, I was aiming for the pole but @Nova was a bit faster there.

After the formation lap the tyres had absolutely zero grip and were seemingly colder than ever :D kept p2 through the first corner and did all I could to follow the leader for the next couple of laps. after going around the track with about similar pace for a while I got lucky and made my way to p1 with no effort from my side as a result from a penalty.
Those curbs were really frightening on several occasions. I was trying to maintain a steady pace and was on the edge of a spin every lap. Nova pitted a lap earlier than me which gained him about a second on me and from then on it was a matter of who makes the first mistake in a hotlap competition :D this time I won it, will see what Snetterton has to offer :)

Congrats to the rest of the Podium and especially to @Hideaki for another one of those amazing pad performances, no idea how you do that mate :D