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PC AOR GT3 Elite - R7: Nurburgring GP 10/05/2017 @ 7:45pm


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Jun 21, 2016
Well what can i say.. did a rookie mistake with fuel calculations for the Q and R.

Q was ok.. i aimed for low 44 and was heading for 43.5 in the last lap but ran out of fuel exiting the final corner..:banghead: could have made P5 behind Papand i think but P9 was still Ok

Dispite the rookie mistake i had great fun trying to hold off @Jeff[NL] the first stint. He did a undercut and got past me by 1 sec during the pitstops, nicely done but i wasn't too upset about that running in P10 after the pitstops. I thought i could catch Jeff but when i was looking at the telemetry and fuel level i almost **** my pants. I would have to make a splash and dash if i kept up with him and that speed i had. I had @Hetharion behind me 20 sec back so i decided to conserve my fuel and try to hold off him to the end. Which i did with 1 sec i believe and 0.1L in the tank.. phuh!

congrats to the winner and podium finishers (y)

Thanx for the race and see you next week..

Mr AlcoN

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Jul 18, 2015
Well that was a disaster...
Went completely wrong with setup and game crash.. :/


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Apr 8, 2017
Disappointing end for me. Qually was a struggle with wheel problems and only got one clean lap but was happy with p10. Managed to get 2 places at the start and was sat 7th for the rest of the first stint. Double-upshifting was infuriating, and caused a spin at one point due to me shifting down again in the fast chicane. Losing time through that made me push more and I just made a few mistakes, ended up retiring.

Hopefully less wheel problems for the next round.


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Mar 17, 2017
So PCARS replays are joke - you cant't check anything of them because they're mess - maybe only your own driving.

Yes you got 15th place because I got lag just before last chicane on last lap and went off the track limits and got 5s penalty given you free way past me and to 15th place. It was fun to race with you almost whole race.
i finished @jam_my21 front of you:).i mean 15th place belong to me mate.:D
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Dec 16, 2016
Q: P11 after 5 fast laps. 3 crash, 1 spin , 1 "clean" lap but it wasnt fast.
R: Start was okey. I had a great fight with @Jeff[NL] and @rillo7105, managed to overtake them(Atleast @FisiFan91 saw my overtake this time :D). After that i was just driving as clean as i could and save tires. Cuz no practice i had no idea thats a 1 stop race so i went for a 0 stop one. Last 10 laps was a disaster.
If sb wanna watch my race, here is my POV (with all the cuts and extends @AndrexUK :whistle::whistle:)


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Jun 21, 2016
Looked at some replays and i wouldn't report you for extending/cutting. There were some extends and cuts but not like that was your racing line.. more like ordinary mistakes or lack of focus
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Jul 17, 2015
3rd race in a row where i felt very strong. On Catalunya the start went horrible wrong, but the pace and overtakes from there weree very encouraging and definitely one of my best races for a long time. Followed up on one of my favorite tracks Zhuhai, where i struggled a bit in the rain, but had super pace in the dry paying off with a 3rd.

Now for Nurburgring i really hoped to continue the positive trend. The social race was a mixed bag where i tested different setup tips from my alien teammate @C. Tscharf . But as seen for the whole season i simply cant do that setup style and required way of driving. So for the race i reverted back to my old trusted setup. And wow did it work! Only 4 tenths off @C. Tscharf in qualifying on a 2 min circuit is the closest ive been for a long time. I also crushed my old PB by a massive gap.

The race started with a "hold my breath" moment when @Suomy, @GodfatherofShift and i made it 3 wide into the first corner. Got out clean and took 3rd. Only a few laps later i had the flying bumblebee @Suomy on my tail. Had a good clean scrap with @Yorkie065 concluding in the stream that i probably did not defend that hard. Thanks for that, but i can reveal i probably just got owned as i were doing everything to fend him off. :p

From there i was alone. @Hideaki matched me on pace for the first half of each stint, but as soon as the tires got worse i could keep a higher pace and extend the gap. I really start to get the hang on driving with worn tires which used to be a massive weakness for me. Very happy to take 4th in the end as top 3 were in a league of their own this time.

3 races to go and suddenly i can see the overall 2nd glimpsing in the horizon. Incredible with the horrible start of the season i had, but its another testement to never give up. Im not a fan of Silverstone, but i usually do well in the night races. Watkins Glen and Dubai are among my favorites, so everything could be possible now.

The rookie @GodfatherofShift better keep his nerve if he wanna fend me off and @Hideaki better sharpen that controller if he wanna play a role as well. Im coming for that 2nd!


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Jan 12, 2014
If anyone by some miracle recorded the bottom half of the qualy results let me know!


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Feb 10, 2016
After the last 2 disasters at Catalunya and Zhuhai, in which I completed a combined 3 laps, I was looking for a solid finish to put me back into the fight for 3rd in the championship. Quali went decently, I beat my pb by 2 tenths on what felt like a bad lap as I was held up by traffic, but when I got clean air near the end of the session, I messed up both my laps and had to settle for a 53.8 which put me 6th.

The start of the race went well, I got an awful getaway off the start but fortunately so did everyone behind me, this meant I was unchallenged into turn 1 and could slot into 6th place. Halfway round lap 1 my teammate @GodfatherofShift spun out, and due to my paranoia after being spun into twice within 2 laps in Zhuhai, I came to almost a complete stop to avoid him. It turned out to be an unnecessary precaution and all it served to do was put me off the back of the top 4.

For the rest of the first stint I was just trying to stay with @Papand while also keeping @Bilt!s at bay. I managed both of these things as I pitted on lap 19 directly behind @Perry Grondstra who's spin had pushed him down to my position, I battled him briefly as I overtook him on the pit exit, but I knew my race was with @Papand and @Bilt!s. The pit-stop phase was successful for me, I had closed the gap to @Papand to just a couple of seconds and had extended the gap behind to @Bilt!s by around 5 seconds out to 7 seconds. Unfortunately my pace in the second stint just evaporated, while everyone around me got faster on the fresher tires, I was running half a second slower than I had been in the first stint. This meant I was stuck in a no-mans land in 5th, with @Papand gradually pulling away and @Bilt!s slowly catching me, I managed to keep up a relatively decent pace and it was enough to allow me to hold on to 5th, which I think was the best I could of hoped for given my pace.

Thanks to my bad luck there's now only a very slim chance of me getting 2nd in the championship, and I'm up against it to get 3rd now as well. However, I will not stop trying as a dnf from either of the drivers ahead of me would put me right back in the fight. Congratulations to all of the top 4 who all showed way too much pace for me to match, hopefully I'll be more competitive at Silverstone, despite me despising the track.


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Oct 12, 2016
I didn't have time to post after the race, had 1 hour of sleep before I had to hit the road! :grumpy:
This race I've made one of the biggest noob mistakes ever. As @rillo7105 said, I was a solid 20 seconds behind him. Towards the end of the race, with @AndrexUK around 15 seconds behind me, I decided to push a bit harder. Suddenly, I noticed I was closing on @rillo7105. At first, I thought I was catching up. But with each round, the gap shortened with 1 to 1,5 seconds. At this point I thought he was deliberately doing slow laps, not pushing anymore with 5-7 laps to go and nothing to gain. When I got nearer and nearer, I even thought he was toying with me. As we entered lap 40, the gap was around 3 seconds. P10 was almost within my reach! At this point I saw he obviously had issues with the car, going slow through every turn, interrupted braking etc.

Here comes the noob part: Up until now, I have gotten used to being lapped at least once by the race leader. Because of that I never get to race full distance. So when I started lap 40, I thought it would be my final lap... With this in mind, I decided to go for a do-or-die late brake before the last chicane. I overshot, off course, and got a 5 sec. penalty. Ah well, at least I tried. Coming down the straight, I was swerving towards the finish, thinking the race was over! :banghead: You should've seen the look on my face when the car just kept going! The gap was back at 3-4 seconds, and I tried (too hard) to get close again, cursing at myself for the mistake I made. At the end of the (real) final lap, I was on his tail and had to settle for P11 (again).. Aaarghh stupid stupid stupid! :rofl: Again, a lesson learned! Good racing by everyone though, nice track! @rillo7105 you lucky dog... (y)