AOR GT3 Elite Round 7: Zhuhai - 11.04.18 @8pm UK time |

AOR GT3 Elite Round 7: Zhuhai - 11.04.18 @8pm UK time


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Dec 28, 2015
@Daniel Nesterowicz yeah man was a good battle, was having to defend like crazy .

I had a perfect start and the car felt great for like 2/3 laps. After that the rears were uncontrollable, don't know if the new patch has had something to do with that but it's the first time this season I've had a massive problem with the rears (though the track temp was insanely high).

Onto Zolder which is a personal favourite of mine. It's a lot twister so should suit the Ginetta more.
Really going to sweat this week as I'll have no LMP2 to practice for. Will take a look at what may have caused the rears to overheat so much and hopefully get a strong result (if i don't disconnect :cry:)

Have never raced a Fuji, and I know Bathurst is going to be a disaster with me having such low top end speed, so Zolder is basically my last chance for a really good finish.
Here's hoping :)
i want to add some words both of you champs, i really enjoyed watching race with @Daniel Nesterowicz live stream.especially fighting murphy.bad luck for @Murphy :(.i can say you are really doing good job @Murphy,even you disconnected.
and @Daniel Nesterowicz you are really crazy guy especially using first gear:).bad luck for you also:(
i m waiting for next round to watch you guys:).keep drive safely :)