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XB1 AOR GT3 Pro League - Setup Discussion


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May 9, 2014
Ok, so setups are undoubtedly going to gain everyone more time on this game than most other factors and they are, coincidentally or otherwise, time-consuming things to get right - it's time that all of us got our heads together and shared some advice on how to get the maximum out of the cars. Whilst each vehicle is different in how it handles, rolls and balances, chances are that there'll be similar effects when certain areas are tweaked.

Below is a template where you can share your car setup:



Downforce: [LOW/MED/HIGH] (delete as appropriate)
Tyre Pressures: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Ride Height: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Spring Stiffness: [LOW/MED/HIGH]

Front Bump Stop: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Bump Stop: [LOW/MED/HIGH]

Front Slow Bump: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Slow Bump: [LOW/MED/HIGH]

Front Fast Bump: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Fast Bump: [LOW/MED/HIGH]

Front Slow Rebound:
Rear Slow Rebound: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Front Fast Rebound: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Fast Rebound: [LOW/MED/HIGH]

Front Caster Angle: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Caster Angle: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Front Camber Angle: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Camber Angle: [LOW/MED/HIGH]

Front Toe Angle: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Toe Angle: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Front Roll-Bar: [LOW/MED/HIGH]
Rear Roll-Bar: [LOW/MED/HIGH]


I also found this rough guide for making changes (courtesy of one member on the official Project CARS forums) which everyone can also use to inform what adjustments to make. There might be a couple of typos in this guide though, so it might not always be accurate.
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Jan 14, 2014
if only the setups were that easy!! loving that flow chart on what to tweak depending on what the problem is. could be very handy