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PC AOR GT3 Pro - R2: Brno 29/03/2017 @7:45pm


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Mar 8, 2017
Hi Guys! I'm looking forward to the sessions on wednesday.
I also did some testing and right now i'm doing 2.07 low/mid on racepace (high fuel)
My fastest laptime was a 2.06.6 with 6 laps of fuel left in the car.
All my attempts with lower fuel (quali specs) failed, I did not set a better time with lower fuel and fresh tires.

To be honest I only drove 10/15 laps so far, tonight I will do some long runs and see where im at.
I do however think that @DANGEROUS GIANETTA is pretty close with his estimate on laptimes and position.

- 2.6 low/mid quali times and -2.07 high racepace would probably get you right up there in the top 5.
But then there's always one or two guys biting of another second that shouldn't even be in the Pro league anyway :)

ps. I have the same rear tires overheating issue. But it's managable

I wish you all the best on training!

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Apr 13, 2016
is there a way to make the pcars profiler work on android? I dont have a second screen
No, there is not. But the profiler is more a tool for the preparation of a race.
Here is an overview of apps and where they work:

My favorite before the race is the pcars profiler and dashmeter (because you can see exactly how much fuel you are using) and pcars dash during the race, because it's the only one i know, where you can see how much damage (aero and suspension) you have.


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Apr 26, 2015
Getting a replacement motherboard sent to me @Morvic - not sure when it's coming, if it's here tomorrow I will install and give it a go, but I suspect it will be here later on this week.
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Mar 14, 2017
how can you check the temps?
I have the "motec" binding (I think its called) set to a button on my wheel (or check which key it is set to by default) . I press it three times and the tyres temps appear on the wheel on screen (if you have in-cockpit view, only then will this help).
[DOUBLEPOST=1490792152][/DOUBLEPOST]Hey Morvic,
How's it looking for the turn-up for tonights' Pro race? Any spaces for the reserves? Cheers mate :)


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Oct 20, 2015
Hi my dudes, sorry I give heads up so late, but its just because "things" happen just now. I wont make it to race today, hopefully there gonna be someone to replace me.

Good luck every one!
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Datt Miffey

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Mar 17, 2017
Absolute shitshow of a race from me today. FFB bugged in quali so I had to back out midway through, load back in and ofc it doesn't save the time, get out to try and set another time and realise my setup's bugged out (didn't have enough time anyway tbf), triple check everything in the warmup and ofc the FFB goes haywire for the race, tried to keep it together but the whole thing just went after a few laps and figured it'd be selfish to keep running and fighting people with so little control over the car.

Hope the rest goes well for you guys, really gutted as I'd had pretty good pace in practices.

Edit: You guys need to watch the VoD from the stream for the fight over the last 5 laps or so between @DANGEROUS GIANETTA and @WarnTyre that was intense!
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