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PC AOR GT3 Pro - R4: Snetterton 300 12/04/2017 @ 8pm


AOR AEC GTE Champion
Feb 3, 2016
Q: 1st
R: 1st

Thanks for all the greetings!

Qualifying went pretty good. Wasn't my best lap, but I managed to get the pole anyway. I was happy to see @vadim and @DANGEROUS GIANETTA down the order, as I hoped that they wouldn't get a podium - as it could stretch my lead in the championship. Pole for me, and I was happy.

The race was a bit like laguna Seca. I started out on pole and got off to a perfect start after the two formation laps. I figured that I could maybe push the first 5-10 laps and get a 7-8 second lead, and then drive safely till the end of the race. And so I did. I stretched out a 6-7 seconds lead over @vadim and just managed the gap so that it wouldn't go under 6 seconds.

I was pretty happy with my race that night. Disconnection suck balls. Congrats to all the guys on the podium!

See you in Espania.