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PC AOR GT3 Pro - R7: Nürburgring GP 10/05/2017 @ 8pm

EVR Morvic

Reigning AOR PC GT Endurance Champion
DiRT Coordinator
Feb 25, 2016

I actually don't spin here so this might be the first time!!
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eaZed neptune

Formula 3 1st Driver
Jun 22, 2016
yeah you better get that suspension repaired from when you spin final turn and hit wall on straight .....lap 22:rofl:
[DOUBLEPOST=1494429922][/DOUBLEPOST]and how the hell are people 0 stopping :facepalm:


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Jun 23, 2016
Well that sucked! Zero practice, no clean laps in qualifying, then running about 6 seconds per lap off the pace until I got DQ for corner cutting. Not here for next week's race and going to have to have a think if I sit out the rest of the season and come back next season?


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Nov 18, 2016
The stupid usb hub freeze and my wheel was not working. This season i dont have a normal race only technical problems first was the wheel / change it than the pc (must reinstall the windows) and the last even the hub


F1 Champion
Jun 13, 2016
It just wasn't my day today had a good fight in the first stint with @eaZed neptune @maxafc46 @Gonzo @HFO and @Mattster but than in the second stint not much going on besides having a battle with @Mattster and in the 40th lap came the DSC so my final position is P15 so 2 points are 2 points none the less but hope to finish the last 3 races higher
Also congratz to @vadim for the win and @Morvic @StarClassic for the podium

eaZed neptune

Formula 3 1st Driver
Jun 22, 2016
only just seen this cheers lads yes was my b day and was a little tipsy last night .was cool to be a part of the franko train though :D.had some good racing and was mucho fun... congrats to the wieners:rofl:
nearly forgot sorry to @maxafc46 for the tap i shoulda give more room
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Formula 3 Reserve Driver
May 18, 2015
Quali: P7
Race: P4

Very happy with P4, was overall a very boring race after a good but quick battle with @Col.McCoy and @N1kmido to get up to P4

Made a gap of 5 seconds to P5, before that was taken away when I got a lovely cut track penalty for no reason when entering the pits... Which meant I exited the pits just infront of @N1kmido which meant I managed to hold onto P4 with us separated by a few seconds exchanging faster laps for the the rest of the race, highlights to come :D not that there are many


Semi-Pro Karter
Mar 14, 2017
It was a rush for me to make the start - so I didn't realise that I joined the wrong discord server (Elite) until after the race had finished! Not felt such an idiot for quite some time. Thinking that Morvic had the day off or something, wondering why everyone sounded different lol. I missed the start because the Elites started about 5 minutes afterwards - doh! StarClassic tried to tell me - so many thanks to him. And sorry to everyone for possibly holding up the start and for being so god-damn-dumb!

After struggling to get any decent pace in qualifying, I really enjoyed the race - had great fun racing @maxafc46 @ahojekk @frankodose. Apart from feeling such a numpty - a great evening's racing :)