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PC AOR GT3 S11 - PC Evaluation Race 1 - Thursday 20/09/2018


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Aug 6, 2016

AOR Project CARS 2 GT3 Leagues - Season 11
PC Evaluation Race 1

For an introduction and some general information about the evaluation races, please read the general information thread. Remember that your evaluation race not only serve as a means for the coordinators to judge your pace, it also represents how you go about your racing and how you coordinate yourself on track. If we feel a driver is struggling to the extent where they are unable to safely navigate the track, or their race-craft leaves a lot to be desired. We may consider declining your sign-up at this time. While we do our best to accommodate as many drivers as we can, regardless of skill. There ultimately has be a limit and if a driver is unable to conduct themselves safely on track then they will likely not be placed in a league until they can prove otherwise.

New drivers need to take part in atleast one of the evaluation races. If you wish to take part in this one, please read the below info and reply to this thread with your Steam ID!

Race Information:
Race Day: Thursday 20 September
Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

Track: Imola
Qualifying: 10 min
Race: 34 laps

● Weather Conditions:
- Qualifying: Clear
- Race: Clear

● In-game time-of-day information (real time progression):
- Qualifying: 14 June 2018, 12:00
- Race: 14 June 2018, 14:00

Assists allowed: Racing Line & Auto Gears (please use the assists you intend to use in the league races)

Lobby Settings:
The race will run the same settings as the league races (see here), apart from the following:
● Force manual pitstops: Yes (Pit Stop Information)
Weather: Clear
Damage: Off*
Note that damage being turned off does NOT mean that contact is allowed. This is purely to make sure everyone is able to get to the end of the race regardless of being caught up in incidents, and that drivers won't have to perform unscheduled pit-stops or off-the-pace lap times as a result of damage that may not have been their fault. But remember that contact is still on, so causing crashes with other cars will still lose you time, and also not give us a particularly good impression.

AOR Rules on clean and fair racing apply.

Manual Rolling Start Information:
Formation zone:

Acceleration zone:

If you are unsure about the Manual Rolling Start procedure, please read the instructions and watch the explanatory video.

Driver List:
If the amount of drivers on this night exceed 32, multiple lobbies will be set up, with drivers being split by the responsible coordinators.

All GT3 cars are available except for the Ferrari 488 GT3.

NOTE: On the results screen after qualifying & the race, please do not press any buttons. Only the lobby coordinator should be doing this.

Lobby host(s): @TicklishPicklewickle

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Mar 31, 2018
I know I did last season and I don' think I have to do this but if there is any free spaces I'll come along and get some extra practice in for the season :D


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Aug 24, 2017
I drove in Season 10, but I would like to do an evaluation race anyway to see what the new rules are like for S11. Sign me up as a reserve so I'm not risking taking the spot of anybody who actually needs to do one of these.
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