AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 2 - ROUND 3 - Nürburgring Combined |

AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 2 - ROUND 3 - Nürburgring Combined


GP2 Test Driver
Jan 19, 2017
I apoligize to anyone who had any problems with my ping, I literally just did this test and got this so I have no idea what caused it. Really good battle with @ShaggyDan at the end because you really made me sweat the last couple of laps :LOL: but I'll be back next week to see if I can race you quick guys who had issues from starting at the back in that race.
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Premium Member
Apr 26, 2018
This race went a lot smoother (Lees amount of crashes from my side) than I expected. I did start midfield but made a mistake on the first lap, dropping me down to the very last place. But the rest of the race went pretty good, except a stupid mistake with the pit-limiter, rewarding me with a nice 10 second penalty. Other than that, I only made minor mistakes, and was keeping decent pace. So I actually ended up in P11, which I'm happy with giving the error on lap 1.

Grats to the guys on the podium! @TheRipper (Called that one before the race! :D ) @Pitti and @TM Touring. Impressive you guys can keep such pace and consistency! :)


AOR PC GT3 S11 Tier 2 Champion
Jun 6, 2018
First of all, well done guys who survived here! :) Sorry who couldnt make it :(
Before the race, I was hoping to finish in the top 10.. Well, I finished 8th place which is kinda good result for me but it could be better. I lost so much time at the traffic, I didnt start aggressive because I didnt want to risk my and others race. Unfotunately, on lap 3 @ZeroStefan spun in front of me, I had nowhere to go so I hit him. After the incident I had 31 front damage and several suspension damage which cost me 40sec pitstop. In the end, I'm still happy with my pace and P8
Congratulations for the win! @TheRipper and the podium guys @Pitti @TM Touring
See you all next week in the rain :)

eaZed neptune

Formula 3 1st Driver
Jun 22, 2016
good race all :)somehow i managed a top ten after losing an argument twice with some barriers :eek: and some people having some bad luck,glad that ones over with and congrats to the winners(y)
just gotta get ready now for the aquaplaning skidpan that is round 4:poop::LOL:


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Feb 6, 2018
This went way better than expected, good thing you got these long straights to relax a little - just like irl racing.

Had a slight touch of the barrier in lap 2 I think at the 2nd smaller carousel / banked corner causing 5 front damage. The impact of this however was quite significant, as my top speed on the following straight dropped 7 kph to 255 on the uphill part. @TicklishPicklewickle zoomed by like his AMG was on steroids. I had 0.3 rear Toe and -0.1 front toe in my setup, with 1-4 wings (medium), quite low tire pressures too, but i really didn't expect to be passed like in an Multiclass race by an LMP1 :-D

Had to pit early because of this, what in hindsight wasn't too bad. I was alone on the track for most of the time, and I let the faster guys coming up from behind pass me safely on the straights, so there were no hairy pack racing scenes for me. I didn't change the soft tyres in the pits and was scared that they might not last to the end, but they held up pretty nice. On lap 10 and 11 the front got a little bit wobbly, but luckily I had some distance to Pos. 10 behind me, so I could run cautious to the checkered.

So with this Top 10 result I'll do quite a jump in the standings - compensation for my disheartening error at Silverstone.

Really feel bad for my teammate @eXcole who had a steering wheel issue and couldn't participate. We'll get em next time pal.

See you guys in germany!


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 11, 2018
I mainly signed up because of the Nordschleife, really love this track. Had good pace in practice and was looking forward to the close (and quite challenging) racing in the pack. It just isn't getting more intense anywhere else for me. So to sit on the grid and nothing is working.. hopefully that doesn't happen again. I always make sure everything works beforehand and it did just fine.

Watched the stream instead, some impressive drives from you guys, especially at the front. Also really happy for you @jaycoool - you deserved a good result after the first two rounds.