AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 2 - ROUND 9 - Texas Road |

AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 2 - ROUND 9 - Texas Road


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Oct 23, 2016

ROUND 9 - Texas Road

Event Information:
Date: Wednesday December 5th 2018
Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)
● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time)
● Event format:
- Qualifying: 10 minutes
- Race: 47 laps (46 race laps + 1 AOR formation lap)

● Weather Conditions:
For weather conditions and progression, please visit Weather Center.

● In-game time-of-day information:
- Qualifying time: 14 October 2018 - 01:00 (AM)
- Race start time: 14 October 2018 - 03:00 (AM)

Manual Rolling Start Information:
Formation Point:

Acceleration Zone:

If you are unsure about the Manual Rolling Start procedure, please read the instructions and watch the explanatory video.

● Rules & regulations:
Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.
● No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.
● Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the rest of the lobby settings that will be used, look here.
● Save your replay: As a means of helping the stewards with any enquiries, all drivers are required to save their race replays and keep it stored for at least one week after the race has taken place. If you are involved in an incident or see something during the race that you feel needs to be investigated, you are free to make a stewards enquiry - however if enquiries are submitted without replay or race footage available, it is likely we can't do anything.

Useful Links:
● League Rules
● League Information
● Race Calendar

Informed No Shows:


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Oct 23, 2016
Impressed by the low amount of informed no-shows tonight. Hopefully everyone actually shows up then. I'm gonna have to be the first to disappoint tho. I'm still stuck at work. It's currently trout season in Denmark and I work at a fish factory which = a lot of fish, which in turn = a lot of work for me. So yeah, I will not make it home in time for the race :(


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Jan 20, 2018
If my dog tired brain is working correctly, @Kapo is your Season 11 drivers champion!!! :cool:(y) @ZeroStefan delivering the goods yet again and ends up on the second step of the podium with now two strong performances in a row! Gut wrenching third place finish for would be winner @Murph, getting a 10 second penalty for speeding into the pit lane, as well as binning it in the dying laps of the race:cry: Good race, but not my best commentary as my brain forgot how to england the further into the stream i got. Anyway here's the vod!



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May 11, 2018
Can I confirm if this is a professional league??? :rolleyes:
Hey dude, sorry that I managed to hit you in to the first hairpin on the second racing lap.

With the slipstream I'd braked much earlier than I normally would, but somehow it wasn't enough!

My evening.. a mixed bag. Happy to quali 7th without any slipstream help and with this not being an Audi track at all. @eXcole great quali from you also beating me to highest Audi!

After quali and before the race my whole PC locked up... my PC is having some really shitty issues crashing in Pcars.

Seems to happen randomly between going from quali to race, or practice to race, and almost always on exiting the game.

Anyway, thanks for restarting the lobby, I was pretty much ready to walk away from my PC when it happened.

My race.. I got torpedo by @Midweekcoma on lap 1 turn 1. 8 left rear suspension damage and a few places lost. I see no point in a stewards as I later did a similar stupid mistake and hit Ryan Winch. Sorry again :(

With both incidents together, I had to pit very early to sort the damage. Another mistake made as I overcooked my entry and gained a 10 second penalty to top it off! No tyres and straight back out for the rest of the race.

I managed decent pace but a combination of heavy wear and being slow on the oval meant I was only going one way.. backwards !

I was haemorrhaging 1 to 1.2 seconds every lap in my last 15 as I had absolutely no rear tyres left. About 10% left and 12% right. P12 all told.

Anyway, well done to the podium guys and @Kapo for the championship! It's been largely fun and great to be involved with everyone in the league (y)
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Sep 11, 2018
Was struggling all week to set the car up, just couldn't figure out a way to make it more stable without losing time. The last changes before the race did the trick finally, although it was still wise not to push the limit to much, lost it almost a couple of times. Weird track under these conditions. The TT was way more fun. :D

In the end i was just lucky to get P4, with all the accidents happening in front or behind me. Especially as my pace from lap 15-25 dropped a bit. Still, i treat it as a small victory, even if its just for not fucking it up for a change.

As for my quali, all credit goes to the slipstream of @StormENT as normally my best time was just a 15.3. :whistle:

Also thanks to @dopey401 for hosting and of course congratulations to our champion @Kapo (y)
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May 30, 2018
Not much to say from my side here

At first sorry for the lobby restarts due to wrong settings :D
I hope there were no connections issues or other problems after the restart

Congratulations to @Kapo for the victory and the Championship(s together with @Lindholdt)

So Quali went pretty well in my opinion, got no slipstream so a 15.0 was a decent lap with the audi i think.
Starting from 10th i managed to get a good start, but did not notice @StormENT in the inside of T1 and touched touched him slightly. Luckily nothing happened but sorry for that again. In the first braking zone my race was basically over. I was on the outside of the corner while @DoR was smashed into me. I ended up with a lot of damage so that my stop lasted 30 seconds. I came out the pits just between the 2 leaders with a lap down. I managed to hold their pace until they started to catch some backmarkers and without the slipstream I had no chance to follow them. My pace was still quite good with doing mid to high 15s what makes the crash in the first even more disappointing. With the high tyre wear i needed to pit again and ended up in 16th place.

After all another race where i got taken any chances beacause of reckless driving at the race start...


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Mar 20, 2018
This was not my race, ... :censored:
managed a decent start and got fast through the chaos in turn1 after the start, so that I reached fast position 10 after starting from the 15th place.
But than I got pushed of track 2 times during position battles and had to rejoin at the end of the field after my rides through the prairie.

After all that unlucky happening I got some generous compensations from some real hard position fights.:cool:
Here as an example a fight with @jaycoool and @tRIP.. . In the end i had to let @tRIP.. pass, because his pace was so incredible fast that I could not resist it a long time ;)

Congrats to @Kapo, you got kidnapped by aliens between Season 10 and 11. Am i right ;)
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Apr 26, 2018
first congratulations to @Kapo and his championship!
yes the race was pretty quiet, not much happened to me xD
shame about @Murph would have been a nice fight at the last race !
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Oct 23, 2016


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Jun 6, 2018
Thank you guys!!
First of all, I'm very sorry for the @Murph , he was very fast and he could have been the winner here, so unlucky man..
My race was good, my pace was good. I chased Murph all race long, I had few chances for overtake but I didnt want to risk anything because he was faster than me at the straights so I was happy to stay behind with his slipstream. After the pits he received 10sec penalty and all I had to do was finishing the race without errors. After Murph's unlucky crash, I just drove to the finish line with the sadness, despite winning the race..

@Pitti yeah thats right :) Actually, I was going to start in tier1 this season but something happened and they changed my tier. I beleive my motivation increased after that :)

Here's my race:
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Mar 7, 2017
That race was so disappointing for me yet one of the best races I've ever driven.

Firstly, however, congratulations @Kapo on yet another win, congrats @ZeroStefan for an excellent second place, and congrats and commiserations @Murph for whatever it was that happened to you but getting on the podium regardless.

During the social races this week, I had the beating of Kapo, and so geniuinely thought I could get a win this week. I was consistent throughout practice, and on Tuesday was posting regular low-mid 15s throughout the race and only pitted once I hit 16s. I even posted a 14.3 in qualy practice without any slipstream whatsoever, so imagine my disappointment when on race-day I could only manage a 14.9 which left me starting 8th. Despite this, I thought I could rely on my race pace to help me close up to the front pack.

First racing lap, by the exit of turn 2, I'd managed to move up to 6th. A great start. This is where I get stuck behind @Lindholdt who put on an absolutely fantastic display of defensive driving. Always keeping the Apex, always braking right on time, always getting the power down without making a mess, and keeping everything clean. I absolutely loved our little battle - this is the exact reason I joined this league so thank you mate for testing me and keeping it clean. Was superb from you. Unfortunate that on lap 10 you had a little slide on the second-to-last corner which allowed me to take the inside line to the hairpin.

Unfortunately for me, @GreaseMonkey had the exact same slide as Lindholdt a lap later and his car snapped on him. Just one of those things that sometimes happens, and I couldn't predict where his car would end up. I t-boned him which left me with a little bit of suspension damage and enough aero damage that would cause me engine issues in the long-run. I had no choice but to pit straight away. This was lap 11, too early for replacement tyres. I knew this would end up being a two-stopper - my chance to finish at the front was over, but there was - I thought - a fair bit of racing to do.

This left me in 18th position, eventually 17th through overtaking BigPapaBeard, from lap 12 to lap 42. 30 laps, 1 car. Man, that sucked. Then............

Lap 42, RyanWinch has damage, easy pass on second-to-last corner. @Pitti and @jaycoool battling ahead. Up to 16th.
Lap 43, Greasemonkey has had a moment before turn 1 and is on the apron of the track. Up to 15th.
Lap 44, Pitti and Myself get the slipstream on Jaycool and take him on the run to the first corner. Up to 14th.
Lap 45, I manage to get the inside line to turn 2 and squeeze past a battling Pitti. @ShaggyDan and @Mattster are 3 seconds ahead. Up to 13th.
Lap 46, Mattster clips the apron trying to get a run on Shaggy which gets him loose on approach to turn 1. Up to 12th.
Lap 47, Shaggy is 2.1 seconds ahead when we cross the line for the start of the last lap. I give it absolutely everything I have......

Eventually, with a helping hand from DoR's 10 second penalty, I finish 10th. 7 positions in 6 laps. AND the fastest lap of the race. That was the most fun I've had in this game for a long long long time, what an absolute blast! I could think to myself what could have been if I hadn't picked up damage early on, but I had so much fun towards the end - it just didn't matter.

On to Laguna next. I'm terrible there. Oh well lol
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Apr 26, 2018
This race really was one of my best shots at getting a top 5 placement this season, but once again I messed it up myself.
Had a good qualifying, even though I was a bit slower than in my practice sessions. Survived T1 and ah some great battles for the first 10 laps or so. After that my race cooled down and I got into a good rhythm. Spend almost all laps up until lap 38 in P4 and P5, where I made a huge mistake an hit Ryan on the inside, taking us both out and I think a third guy got a bit collected as well. Really gutted about that, bot for my sake but mostly for the others who was involved. Sorry about that.
Was back in P12 with 8 laps left and had damage on the car, but somehow I ended up in P9 at the end, no idea how that happened.
I had the pace, but not enough experience to keep it cool all they way through the race..

@dopey401 Nothing is certain about the team championship yet :) And thanks a lot for stepping in as a emergency host for the race, it saved the evening for a lot of your fellow racers ;)

@tRIP.. Wow, thanks for the kind words, thats really cool of you :) It was a very great battle and I enjoyed the fact that I was able too keep you behind me for the amount of laps that could. Had this been last season, I would only have lasted 1 lap before making big mistakes because of the pressure. I guess I'm making progress :D A big reason to why I could do it though, is because I know you as a driver and trusted you not to get too aggressive, and you diddnt, so great drive from you as well. When we where battling, I was uncertain if my defensive driving was too aggressive, and I'm really glad that you are leaving feedback. I learn a lot from that (y)

And of course a big congrats to my teammate @Kapo securing the drivers championship, you've been extremely fast and consistent throughout the season :cool:

See you all at Laguna Seca :)
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