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PC AOR GT3 S11 - PC Tier 3 - ROUND 6 - Sakitto GP


Formula 4 1st Driver
Jun 2, 2018
Had a fun race. Good battles all along, car felt consistently good throughout, just my pace was lacking a bit. Shoutout to @krop who withstood my constant prodding for what felt like ten laps and then made me make the mistake following him on the last lap and spinning on the kerb on the exit of that spoon corner. Man I was fuming... But Krop, weaving on the main straight for defending is just tiny a bit over the top, don't you think? I mean I wasn't quite fast enough to get you but I felt that zigzagging was a bit exaggerated. ;)


Formula Karter
Jul 15, 2018
First podium in AOR for me, mostly due to fate causing @Blunboi to lose out. Had some good scraps with @ddd3 and @venquessa , especially venquessa whom I managed to undercut by pitting.
Had some scary moments coming out of the final corner, going onto the grass once and tapping the barrier once, no damage luckily.
Congrats to @Captain Slow and @VoodooChild for staying ahead and accompanying me on the podium.


Formula 3 Test Driver
Oct 25, 2017
Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for restarting the server for my benefit for this race. I had an ok race by my standards. Got to the dizzying heights of 13th at one point. Then a couple of silly spins but me down to about 16th. Then my big mistake, changing tyres at pit stop and repairing the minor damage to engine and front end. Cost me a good 30-40 seconds and ended up P18 once everything sorted itself out. So +4 places from qualy. I have had worse races.
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Premium Member
AOR Commentator
Aug 24, 2017
@poisike78 you hurt a poor defenceless McLaren :( and once again I just didn't have pace here, and unlike Dubai I didn't spin all the time either. I think I had 3 half spins, that's about it. I had a little touch with I think @Nila in the first few laps, I think you were slowing to avoid someone else and I wasn't expecting it, although I haven't looked at it yet. Either way, it only cost me 4 damage because M6. Also @Andrei Voicu you need to be more aware of which cars are lapping you and which you're fighting for position. I was on your tail for at least a lap and a half and you didn't move. You moved a few corners after I said blue flags over Discord, which made me believe you thought I was trying to overtake you for position and not to lap you. Even when you did move over it was in a bit of a sketchy spot, but I think that's also partially my fault because I wasn't expecting you to let me through where you did.

But on the whole, I don't know if we've had 2 tracks that are unfavourable to the M6, whether I've suddenly lost 1-2 seconds of pace compared to you guys or whether you've all suddenly become amazing. I'm not hopeful for Oulton Park, but Spa should hopefully be M6 territory :)


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 16, 2018
On back markers... I'm learning this as I go here as it's the first time I have been spending my time at the sharp end.

I think some people believe that that leaders will be so much faster they can just drive past you. However this is not necessarily the case, especially if you are a pretty fast guy who's only being lapped due to an incident in the race. The leaders might only be a matter of 10ths faster, but that does NOT mean you can race with them.

So to put it bluntly. YOU NEED TO LIFT. Sorry if it costs you time and impacts your race, but that's how it is.
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