AOR GT3 S11 Tier 2 - Algarve Circuit [10/10/18 8:00pm] |

AOR GT3 S11 Tier 2 - Algarve Circuit [10/10/18 8:00pm]

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 22, 2018
@King Chip x yea read about that but how do you get slight aero damage on purpose, tyres depend on car setup as to how agressive you go with cambers etc. Run softs you will need to fit a new set, run hards and you could do full distance but possibly at a slightly reduced pace. The idea is to make it more interesting with different strats and seems to work.

I did a full race on the same set of hard tyres. towards the end I was running nearly 2 secods a lap slower. saying that, I nearly set my fastest lap on the last lap :unsure:


Pro Karter
Jun 2, 2018
Also chicken out on the types here - but unfortunately I had the pit strategy wrong and the tyre pressure where completely wrong :’D

Anybody going for softs on Silverstone ?


GP2 Test Driver
Apr 28, 2017
Think it has to be softs as track quite cold mate. I find the softs very durable from the last update.